Top 4 Seemingly Healthy Foods - Know How Deceived You Are!

August 23, 2011
Number 4

This is a guest post by Alicia Lyttle. Go ahead! Gorge on those frozen yoghurts, bran muffins, reduced-fat peanut butter and energy bars. After all, you are trying to curb your calorie intake and what are other better options than these foods? They are healthy, tasty, and nutritious. Right? Well, not really! Yes, hard to [...]


Rate My Meals : 2011-04-21

April 22, 2011
Thursday Meals

Both my kids had soccer practice last night and it was pretty miserable - about 40 degrees with a light drizzle. My daughter wore shorts, bless her tough heart. My son was a little wiser and wore sweats. Both toughed it out though, I’m proud of them. I stayed under the shelter where, while it [...]

Rate My Meals : 2011-04-20

April 20, 2011
Wednesday Meals

Well, we did manage to get a little bit of snow this morning but it never turned into the big storm they had threatened. Still, snow on April 20th stinks! So far I’ve had a great week on the eating front, at least in my opinion. This is my umpteenth attempt at earning a #7daychip [...]


Rate My Meals : 2011-04-19

April 19, 2011
Tuesday Meals

So far we haven’t got the snow I mentioned yesterday, but I pulled the shovel down nonetheless. Hoping not to have to use it. My son is going paintballing on Saturday with some friends, hoping it warms up just a little for him. Although he did say that he will be happy for the extra [...]

Rate My Meals : 2011-04-18

April 18, 2011
Monday Meals

I was planning on meeting a friend and former co-worker at a bar after work tomorrow but I just canceled because of the imminent snowstorm scheduled to hit Minnesota. 6-10 inches in Southern MN where I was planning to be - but I’m staying up in the Cities now. Looks like only 3-5 inches up [...]


Rate My Meals – 2011-04-05

April 5, 2011
Tuesday Meals

Well what do you know, I managed to not only record everything I ate for the second day in a row but I think I actually did pretty well at that. Small, baby steps to trying to get on track. Here’s what I had to eat on Tuesday: [starrater tpl=10 size='46'] I’m started the day [...]


Rate My Meals – 2011-04-04

April 4, 2011
Monday Meals

It’s been almost a month since I did a RMM post and not coincidently, I’ve gained more than a few pounds during that time. Taking the time to think through my meals and knowing that I will be posting the pictures helps keep me in line. The pictures aren’t special like the pictures I posted [...]


Rate My Meals – 2011-03-01

March 2, 2011
Tuesday Meals

This is my second day in a row posting after only having posted once in the prior month so that feels good. I was planning on exercising this morning too but I managed to develop a sore knee while driving home last night - last night I could barely walk on it, this morning it [...]

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Rate My Meals – 2011-02-28

March 1, 2011
Monday Meals

February was a pretty bad month for me as I wrote up in Winter Doldrums. The only saving grace was that I managed my eating well enough to stay stable over the month and didn’t let myself slide into the weight abyss. That said, I’ve really got to get going if I want to accomplish [...]


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