August 21, 2007

I’ve become a contributor at, a group of eleven bloggers all working to build a support network to help achieve our goals.  This description is from our about page: The premise is this: Any time I’ve been successful in losing weight, it’s been because I’ve been accountable to somebody else for it. The more accountable […]


Embarrasing Fat Moment

August 10, 2007

While I am certainly fat (morbidly obese actually) I do get around pretty well.  I coached soccer, I went skiing in Colorado, etc.  But I can tell that the wear and tear on my knees, the lack of strength training for my muscles and the lack of cardio for my heart is a recipe for […]


Thinking about change

August 2, 2007

I have noticed a pattern over the years that I am really hoping I can break.  Invariably, the times when I have thought hardest about being serious about getting on a diet and exercise plan is after I have gorged myself silly.  When I am feeling full it is easier to think about dieting and […]


I am fat, not fit

August 1, 2007

Hello world.  My name is John and despite what the name of this blog might imply, I am fat.  How the hell did I let myself go like this?  I’m 41 years old, 6 feet tall and weigh 295 pounds.   20 years ago I wavered between 177 and 190.  I really felt great at 185.  […]


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