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October 27, 2007

Awhile back I added a few sections to my sidebar pertaining to comments that I wanted to point out.  While the focus of this blog is my journey to a healthier me I will also from time to time include posts like this where I am learning, and sharing, about the mechanics of blogging. First, I [...]


Weekly Update - 9/24/07 (Monday)

September 24, 2007

Diet starting weight: 295 Week starting weight: 281 Today’s weight: 282 Week weight lost: -1 lbs Total weight lost: 13 lbs (Note, I am posting my update on Monday because I was out of town all weekend camping and couldn’t do my normal Sunday update.) I knew this week was going to be a tough one to [...]


Weekly Update - 9/16/07

September 16, 2007

Diet starting weight: 295 Week starting weight: 283 Today’s weight: 281 Week weight lost: 2 lbs Total weight lost: 14 lbs Looks like I might be starting to get some consistency now, this is the 4th week in a row with the scale showing a loss.  The tape measure also was kind, indicating that I have lost an inch [...]


Weekly Update - 9/9/07

September 9, 2007

Diet starting weight: 295 Week starting weight: 286 Today’s weight: 283 Week weight lost: 3 lbs Total weight lost: 12 lbs I backed up my 4 pound loss for last week with a 3 pound loss for this week and it feels great.  It is such a terrific feeling to be rewarded for the hard work I [...]


On Writing a Weight Loss Blog

September 8, 2007

I’m writing this both as a reminder to me and as a suggestion for those of you with your own blogs.  The interesting thing about writing a blog about weight loss is that there is always something to write about.  Whether it’s the food that I should or should not be eating, the exercise I [...]


The Power of Suggestion

September 6, 2007

One of the first things I did when I started this new weight loss program at the beginning of August was to look at my habitual eating at places like Subway, McDonald’s and Bruegger’s and work to scale back on what had become routine meals.  Two sandwiches became one, an ice cream cone for dessert became [...]


Weekly Update - 9/2/07

September 2, 2007

Diet starting weight: 295 Week starting weight: 290 Today’s weight: 286 Week weight lost: 4 lbs Total weight lost: 9 lbs My biggest weekly lost posted yet!  Is it any coincidence that this is the week I started cardio?  I don’t think so.  Feels good to get into the 280s but I’ve got my sights set on [...]


New Drivers License

August 31, 2007

I’ve had a draft post queued up for awhile now regarding my new drivers license, and PastaQueen’s Looking good under fluorescent lights has prompted me to write about it.  First though, go read her story.  She has a before and after picture of her drivers licenses that are amazing. I managed to lose my drivers license [...]

Finding a Healthier Lifestyle

August 30, 2007

I would encourage you to take a look at Finding a Healthier Lifestyle - Committing to Change posted recently on dumb little man.  The author has experienced a 40 pound weight loss that he attributes to these key steps: Acknowledge Self Destructive Behaviors Realize the Succumbing to these Pressures is a Choice Resolve to Change and [...]


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