Weekly Update - 9/2/07

September 2, 2007

Diet starting weight: 295 Week starting weight: 290 Today’s weight: 286 Week weight lost: 4 lbs Total weight lost: 9 lbs My biggest weekly lost posted yet!  Is it any coincidence that this is the week I started cardio?  I don’t think so.  Feels good to get into the 280s but I’ve got my sights set on […]


Finding a Healthier Lifestyle Part II

September 1, 2007

The second article on Finding a Healthier Lifestyle that I posted about is now up on dumb little man - Finding a Healthier Lifestyle - Making the First Cuts.  The author and I clearly prescribe to the same incremental improvement philosophy: The first reaction many people have when they discover the need to change lifestyles […]

Habits are hard to break

August 24, 2007

I’m out of town on business Thursday and Friday, my first travel since I started this journey at the start of this month.  This is actually a very light travel month for me, so I was glad to get the opportunity to try out my new found resolve. The results have been so-so.  One thing […]

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August 6, 2007

Back in 2001 I went on the Atkins diet.  At the time I weighed about 275.  Atkins was the first diet I had ever been on that I was able to stick to, and I saw results - I got down to around 235.  I vividly remember looking at myself in the mirror and seeing […]


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