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Welcome to my diet and fitness product review page. These reviews are a little different from what I write about in posts on my blog, which is why I have separated them out here. Most of the gold medal winning items are products that I use on my journey from fat to fit. When that is not the case I try to make that clear.

Bathroom Scale Review
A good digital bathroom scale is an important tool in your weight loss plan. This review highlights 3 top scales with different price ranges.

Glass Bathroom Scale Review
I don't use a glass scale myself but after seeing the search traffic going to my regular bathroom scale review page I saw that many people are interested in not only the function of a digital scale, but also the form. And glass bathroom scales can look very nice!

Heart Monitor Review
Heart Rate Monitors are important so that you know how hard your heart is working. Until I got one I had no idea I was pushing my heart as much as I was sometimes. It is important to not only know that you are pushing hard enough but also that you are not pushing too hard and knowing when you need to take a rest.

Pedometer Reviews
No matter what exercise program you are on they will probably tell you to walk 10,000 steps or more a day. You need a good digital pedometer to help measure that and there are many different factors to choose from when deciding what tool to buy. This reviews helps you make that decision.

RipStik Review
Certainly not a traditional exercise device, the Razor RipStik is nonetheless a toy that will certainly give your child more exercise than a traditional scooter. Whether you are up for the thrills and spills of a RipStik, which is described as a cross between a skateboard and a snowboard, is up to you!

Exercise Ball Review
One of the best things you can do for your body is to strengthen your core and nothing makes that easier than to invest in an exercise ball. Why? Because you don't actually need to exercise to use one! Simply use it as a chair replacement at your work desk and you can strengthen your core while sitting at your desk. How to decide on the best exercise ball? Check out my review for tips on selecting the right features and making sure you get the right sized exercise ball.

Glucose Monitor Reviews
As of the time of this writing I am pre-diabetic and trying like heck to make sure I don't get full-blown diabetes. But whether you are diabetic or not you may find a blood glucose monitor an important tool on your weight loss journey. Look for a glucose monitor that you can plug into your computer in order to analyze trends.

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