Precariousness of a High Protein Diet

This is a guest page by Caroline.

High protein diet as we all know is known as a best diet for weight balancing in the body reducing the futile fat and muscles. Protein supplements and high protein foods are usually recommended to have a healthy diet, but it also has some drawbacks from within causing various problems too. Dangers of high protein diet depend on the way the protein contents are managed by the body.

As the high protein foods are broken down into amino acids, nitrogen from the amino acids is being observed by the kidney and liver in general case. Where as in people having problem with kidney or liver is not able to perform the nitrogen absorption. The protein rich diet has the chance of risking with kidney stones. Animal proteins are the ones with complete amino acids, where as the plant proteins lack one or two of it.

High protein foods also limit the intake of other healthy food stuff that our body needs leading to rise in chances of cholesterol level and heart diseases. Protein rich food contained in milk products, meat, cheese, nuts and other dairy products contain large amount of cholesterol and fat that are risky to affect heart. There are some short term impacts such as dehydration, fatigue and head aches too.

Junk food and nutrients

As we move towards busy schedule one makes it a habit of getting along with junk foods as they don’t find sufficient time to prepare high nutrient food. Effects of junk food also affect the general health of people who try to maintain the good health with sufficient energy and strength.

Intake of excess of proteins into the diet may result in risk of cancer affecting the liver, kidney, breast and colons says a pharmaceutical journal report. Excess of protein content in the dietary supplements can cause fatal illness and also enhances the heart diseases. Effects of junk food hinder the absorption of the required nutrients into the body raising the cholesterol level.

Protein contents in excess makes the kidneys and liver to function longer towards the toxic ketones which is a type of glucose making the organs stressed followed by observation of symptoms such as bone loss, weakness, dizziness and bad breath.

Excess proteins prove to show more dangerous effects such as follows…

  • Reduces the amount of glycogen stored in the liver and muscles.
  • Endurance and stamina is reduced making people lazy and restless at times.
  • Risk of hypoglycemia is experienced.

High protein diet triggers the excess excretion of calcium form the body through urination. As time passes on they result in osteoporosis and also kidney stone sis being developed. High protein diets under limits are good for health when balanced with other such nutritive food stuff.

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