Catching Up

November 19, 2008

Once I realized I wasn't going to hit my goal of posting every day this month I kind of drifted off on to other things, but that doesn't mean I'm still not here. I've got a bunch of things in the fire so I thought I'd just do a brain dump of everything here and [...]


4 Tips For Getting PR People To Send You Free Stuff

November 15, 2008

You probably have noticed that I occasionally get free products that I review and/or give away in contests (how cool was that giving away a free bike?!). Steve from Weight Loss Weapons did, and he asked me: You seem to get free stuff to review all the time. Do they contact you or are you [...]


Motivated by Music

November 14, 2008

Well so much for NaBloPoMo! My best intentions of posting every day this month went up in flames on Wednesday, then I had a decided lack of motivation yesterday after knowing that I won't be hitting what I had hoped was a simple goal - writing every day this month. I also have not run [...]


Knocking Out Some Cardio

November 11, 2008

I did something today that I am pretty proud of. It isn't on the scale of the two mile run I did back in January, but considering where I have been lately in terms of exercising, it was pretty good. I'm back on the couch to 5k training program, starting back at week 4. Last [...]


How To Lose Your Love Handles And Strengthen Your Abs With One Simple Workout

November 10, 2008

This is a guest post by Mario John Da Silva. One of the biggest questions I've heard at gyms is "how can I get rid of my love handles". Now for those of you who don't know, love handles are the layers of fat that cover your obliques. But let me tell you one thing; [...]


Weekly Update - 11/9/2008

November 9, 2008

Diet starting weight: 295 Week starting weight: 276 Today's weight: 276 Week weight loss: 0 lbs Total weight lost: 19 lbs Not a great start to a month where I have said I was going to kick ass and lose 8 pounds. But, it is what it is. Things I did well this week: Strength [...]


POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice Product Review

November 8, 2008

I was recently sent a case of POM Wonderful Pomegranate juice by Andrea, the POM Blogger. As I always do I made clear that I would be happy to receive the juice as long as she understood my review would be an honest one. If I didn't like it, I would say so. And of [...]


Read Some New Healthy Lifestyle Bloggers

November 7, 2008

Lisa from Iowa Avenue wrote a great post this week called The Joy of Blogging where she talked about how important it is for us to find, read and reward via comments (and linking!) those bloggers out there who are writing great content for the sheer love of it, whether the traffic is there or [...]


Proud To Be an American

November 6, 2008

I've managed to stay away from politics on this site that is supposed to be a weight loss blog, but given the events of this week I just can't ignore this post from Mark Cuban, who echoes my own sentiment (except that I voted all Democratic this year, something I haven't done in a long [...]


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