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I accept guest posts for publication on John is Fit. Properly targeted guest posts are a great way for me to get some additional points of view for my readers and for the author of the guest post to get a little exposure for their website, product or service. I do, however, have some guidelines and suggestions for guest posts.

Topic - Guest posts should be related to health and fitness, primarily directed toward weight loss or fitness. While I will consider health topics such as “How to Properly Exfoliate” or “Viagra. What is it Good For?” for the most part I will be sticking to weight loss or fitness guest posts.

Exclusivity - Your guest post should be unique content and not an article you have or will repost elsewhere, including your own blog. You are writing for my readers.

Conclusion - Many of the guest post submissions I see fail to include a conclusion in their article. Please include one!

Byline - My readers will want to know more about the person who wrote the post. This is done in the byline at the end of the post. Use the byline to describe who you are, what you do, what products you sell, whatever. It would be great if you could include a picture of yourself, but it is not necessary.

Links - You may include up to two links in the body or byline of your article. They must link to good quality, relevant sites. Note that I reserve the right to remove the links after one year. If you would like the links to be permanent, please contact me for more info.

Other Stuff - I reserve the right to make minor edits. If major edits are required I will send back to you for completing another draft. If you would like an image included please include the link - I will download and host on my server. Posts should be as long as what is needed to get your point across.

Follow-up - I ask that as a guest poster that you respond to questions or comments left on your guest post, if a response is warranted. Subscribe to the post so you know when comments are left. Please also bookmark or in other ways publicize your guest post via whatever social media sites you find successful such as Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Facebook, etc.

Sounds great, how do I submit a post?
Simply use the contact form below to submit your guest post. I suggest you write the post in another text editor and just paste into here. Don’t forget to include a suggested title and your byline! Don’t worry about formatting, I will handle that.

I will acknowledge your entry and let you know what I think. If I do agree to use it I will work to getting it published within one week of submission. Once it is published I will notify you and ask that you check for comments and respond to them in kind. This helps tie you and your topic to my readers. The easiest way to do this is to leave a comment on the guest post and then check the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” checkbox.

You may also use this contact form if you have any questions about guest posting on John is Fit.

Thank you for your interest!

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Name: Douglas Garlund
Comment: Hi John, Been a reader for a while and thought I'd submit a guest post; please let me know if you're interested (or would like any changes). Best, Douglas ------------------------------- Be nice to your knees when you exercise By Douglas Garlund So you want to get that killer swimsuit body before summer, but don’t have the strongest knees and have a hard time doing cardio? Or perhaps you simply have substantial knee injuries that make it close to impossible to workout. Regardless of your physical condition, it is important to treat you body well even when you are exercising it. It’s easy to get into the habit of working out as hard as possible just to attain the results you want. But you can also take care of your body and get an intense workout by doing the proper exercises. We have listed a couple simple, yet effective, workouts to make the process easier. Speed walking A great alternative to running or even walking is speed walking. For those with knee issues it is a good idea to speed walk on a completely flat surface, perhaps at the local mall or park. The idea is to burn calories without putting the brunt of the work on the knees. When you speed walk pay attention to your form, make sure you feet are close together and your foot completely touches the ground before coming back up to take another step. Don’t tense up or lock your knees either, keep relaxed as possible and breathe deep. Go for a Bike Ride You might automatically assume riding a bike is a bad idea, but it actually is a great cardio workout alternative for those with knee and joint problems. If you have a bike in your garage get it out and ride around your neighborhood between 20-30 minutes. You can burn a good portion of calories and also have happy knees afterwards. Another plus is that your knees get a low-impact workout that helps them stay lucid. Try the Elliptical While considered to be a fantastic way to get cardio the real benefit from the Elliptical is their low-impact way of burning calories. For anyone who loves to run, the Elliptical is an even better alternative. Instead of pounding away at your joint’s precious tissue you simply move your body in the right direction without stretching the muscle. Your entire body is engaged in the process, you swing your arms, move your legs, and even workout your mid-drift. No harm to the knees or joints is incurred and you can get the same benefits of running. It’s the perfect exercise tool! Take a Swim One of the lowest impact exercises in existence is swimming. It’s natural, it feels good, and burns tons of calories fast! If you have joint problems a simple exercise is to do laps in a pool for about 20-45 minutes three times a week. Not only will you burn calories you will also strengthen your muscle tone, and if you are recovering from an injury this is hands down the best way to regain your pre-trauma strength. Whether you are recovering from a sports injury or simply want to treat your body better these simple exercises will help you to achieve your goal. Douglas owns and runs (linked to site), where he helps patients deal with and recover from a wide range of knee surgery procedures. If you’re frustrated with your knee health or just need some preventative guidance, feel free to reach out to him for some advice.
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