Stress Relief for a Healthy Life

This is a guest page by Jennica.

Stress vs. Fitness

‘Fitness’ means well being of human both physically and intellectually. Physical fitness covers complete wellness of body with a complete health. Intellectual health refers to the wellness in mind for analyzing, thinking, reasoning, decision making abilities as a normal human being. Fitness is always a combination of healthy lifestyle with happy mindset with eternal satisfaction of living life.

‘Stress’ is referred to as the pressure or tension caused in mind which exceed the tolerance limit leading to symptoms like irritation, anger, depression, sleeplessness, headache, raise in pressure, irresistible impact in behavior on general issues. Stress is not a disease its just a mental disturbance caused within ones mind causing imbalance in mind waves. It is also observed from a study that stress will lead to improper working of body functionalities.

Stress a battle within oneself:

Stress the word refers to impatient status of mind which causes behavior changes in oneself causing the loss of control over on routines over a period of time. It is the battle of tension within the mind pausing the activities to standstill. Causes of stress may be due to depression, restlessness, work pressure, time handling, traveling in heavy traffic, lonely, utmost fear, etc.. Stress can be handled with a healthy diet and a routine of exercises and some stress relief techniques such as meditation, yoga to relax mind, Mind relaxing counseling, a morning walk can help fight stress at the maximum.

Workout on a daily schedule

Daily workout is nothing but a complete exercise package to maintain an even blood flow from head to toe. Which inturn relaxes the blood carrying track, making the body flexible and well tuned. Exercise is done in a fresh airy place to increase its power and impact over the body causing rejuvenation effect. Fitness is stated for each part of the body as it has its own importance.

A set of Basic warm-up exercise for daily Routine:

Head exercise: Rotation of head in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Turning from top down and from left to right and vice versa increases the blood flow in neck and head region and also enhances flexibility.

Hand Exercise: Rotate the hands one by one in clockwise direction and in anticlockwise direction repeating for 5 times. Bending and relaxation of hands enhances stress in hands making them stronger by increasing blood flow, closing your palm and opening will increase blood flow and enhances finger relaxation.

Leg exercise: When it comes to leg exercises we have knee,ankles and fingers, leg stretching, moving ankles in circular movement and jogging are some basic coverage.

Yoga a solution for stress

Yoga has its main goal of healing diseases or disorders creating mind peace. It is proved that meditation and yoga are the best medication which can make mind peace and spread soul calmness in oneself. Yoga exercise are to be done with proper guidance and training such that it does not cause any side effects or unexpected pain in the body. Healthy life also comprises of happy environment and balanced diet including fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, dairy products, drinking more water etc.. to keep yourself fit.

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