If You Are Big, You Can Snore Big

This is a guest page by Andreas Henderson.


Sometimes people get offended by comments from others about their weight. But there is something they should know. Obese people are more likely to snore, and be prone to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). In addition, most of the sufferers are men, although women can also have the condition. There are health risks associated with OSA, in combination the risks in being obese.

OSA occurs when the airways collapse during sleep, constricting the flow of air through the breathing passages. This causes the sleeper to snore when the tissues of the tongue, soft palate and trachea vibrate. Snoring is the first symptom of OSA. At times, the snorer can stop breathing temporarily, causing them to turn over and disrupting their sleep. In the most severe cases, the snorer does not wake up and may actually suffocate. It is a serious condition that many people discount, just nudging the snorer in order to create periods of silence when they can fall asleep.

People that are obese are the ones most afflicted with this condition because of the extra body fat around the face, throat, and chest. This adds pressure on the trachea as the throat muscles relax during sleep. Losing and controlling you body weight can lessen the incidence of snoring or eliminate it altogether.

To learn if you have OSA, your doctor may equip you with a monitor to wear during your sleep, or have you stay at a sleep study lab for a night. He or she can learn if you stop breathing during your sleep and how many times. Once a diagnosis is made, your doctor will discuss different options to cure your snoring and prevent episodes of apnea (breathing cessation). Quite often, a continuous positive air pressure machine (CPAP) is prescribed to push air into the breathing passages constantly during sleep in order to keep airways open.

In addition to prescribing a treatment to stop snoring, your doctor will discuss your weight loss options in order to help you get the most out of your snoring treatment. A proper diet and exercise will help you meet your weight loss goal and reduce the pressure on your trachea. Not only will you be healthier overall, but you will maintain the proper oxygen level in your body that allows you to get a more rejuvenating night of sleep free from your snoring problem.

Andreas Henderson, MR, published author and medical researcher has spent many years supporting people finding a cure for snoring. He started www.StopSnoringAdvice.com with one objective; to help those who want to put an end to their snoring.

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