How To Decrease Depression Signs By Using Herbal Medicines

This is a guest page by Imran.

Depression is a common mental illness. This condition can occur in any person at any stage of life including childhood, young age and at elder ages. The very common symptoms of depression are feelings of sadness, loneliness, low mood, helplessness and lack of confidence etc. Usually almost every person is depressed at some stage of life, for some short period of time. These symptoms or feeling of being depressed are a normal behavior, provided these are gone after a short period of time. But, if these depression signs become persistent and don’t go away after many weeks or months then it is a mental illness and requires serious attention and proper treatment.

Common Ways To Treat Depression:

There are many ways to treat the depression. The most common and effective ways to treat depression are psychotherapy, use of anti-depressant drugs, holistic treatments for depression, electric shock treatment for depression and many others.

What is the Problem With Anti-Depressant Drugs?

The use of anti-depressant drugs is a very common way to treat depression. These drugs directly affect on the nervous system of the human body. This results in the increased blood supply to brain cells and the feelings of depression, sadness and low mood are reduced. The only problem with these drugs is their side effects. Many serious side effects are reported when these drugs are used for a longer time.

Herbal Anti-Depressant Drugs – An Alternative of Common Anti-Depressant Drugs:

Due to the severe side effects of common anti-depressant drugs, many people prefer to use the herbal remedies to cure depression. These herbal remedies have very less or no side effects and are still effective to reduce the depression. In the following lines, I will discuss some very common and effective herbal remedies, that are used by people all over the world.

  1. You may have heard the name of St. John’s Wort Remedy. It is a herbal medicine that is made from a plant that has the same name. Actually this plant extract has a chemical that is known as hypericin. This chemical is tested and it is found that it can affect on human nervous system in the same as normal anti-depressant drugs do without any side effects. The remedy made from this chemical is available in capsules, creams, tablets and some other dosage forms.
  2. Ginkgo Biloba is another famous herb that is used to prepare the anti-depressant drugs. This herb also has the natural anti-depressant properties and is quite effective to treat the depression. When this medicine is taken, it increases blood flow to human brain and produces the feeling of happiness and relaxation. This results in the reduction of symptoms of depression. This medicine is especially good for old people having depression.
  3. Passion Flower is also used to make the remedy to cure depression. The medicine made from passion flower gives the soothing effect and enhances the mood. It is especially helpful to decrease the anxiety, muscle tension, restlessness and depression.

I have only mentioned few top herbal remedies for depression cure. The list is very long. I hope that this article will help you to cure your depression naturally with herbal remedies.

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