Get a toned body with Yoga

This is a guest page by Kate.

Yoga is one of those effective exercise tools, which you can utilize extensively to make your body well toned. It helps to re-shape and gain the flawless body structure, you had always thought of. Yoga serves as an amazing therapeutic tool for the body; it nourishes, relaxes, and strengthens every body type. Yoga is not one of those exercises that would not put burden on your shoulders. It does not involve any usage of machinery. With yoga and its proper regime, you can attain your goal to look spectacular and attractive with that perfect body.

So here, we list some of the effective and helpful yoga exercises to help you attain a toned body look:

1. Setubandha asana or Bridge lock pose

It is one of those exercises, which prove effective in many respiratory problems. This pose can reduce the backache problem and can tone the spine proficiently. It also lessens the extra fat on your legs, thighs, and hips. The lock position in this pose can actually improve the voice quality. It also gives relief in uro-genital problems. For this pose, you need to lie on your back, fold your legs at knees, and then grasp both the ankles with your hands. Hold on for some time, it is advisable to pull this pose gradually.

2. Ardha chandrasana or crescent pose

In this pose, you need to stand straight and place your feet a meter apart, then turn your right foot out and left a bit inwards. Raise both of your hands up in the air and twist a bit towards your right.

This pose is sure to do magic on your body. It can help tone your whole body line with a complete work out; it can tone your spine, highs, hips, and limbs. It can also smoothes down wrinkles at your neck and enlarge the lung capacity.

3. Saral dhanurasana or easy bow

For this pose, you need to lie on the ground on your stomach, bend your legs at knees and then grasp your feet with your hands and stretch out lightly. Hold as long as you are comfortable and then breathe in and out evenly.

This pose can help tone down the spine muscles and limb area. It controls your diabetes and improves the metabolism rate. It also works out and improves the delicate skin around your eyes. It can also help develop pectoral muscles.

4. Bharadvajasana or Rishi Bharadvaja

To try this pose, you need to sit back straight, stretch your right leg outwards and left leg folded and up high on the right leg. Then grasp your right toe with your right hand and left toe with left one. Breathe in and out continuously.

This pose can prove beneficial in transmitting the blood to different body parts. It increases the metabolism rate, which in turn helps reduce fat. It also helps massage the liver effectively. This pose works on your hip, thigh and leg area to reduce extra fat.

5. Prasarita padattonasana or wide legs forward bend

This pose can be executed well when you stand up straight, spread your feet wide apart. Then move your body in a forward direction place your palms on the ground and slowly touch the floor with your head. Hold it until the time you are comfortable and relaxed and then return to the standing position again.

This pose has the ability to massage the endocrine and digestive glands of your body. It can increase your digestion process and can massage the liver. It also eradicates the hormonal imbalance and tones the legs, thighs, and hips. It refreshes you body to the core.

It is no doubt that yoga can help you in staying fit. If you practice yoga on regular basis nothing can stop you from being healthy and in perfect shape. It is a best way to stay healthy naturally. So, get that perfect toned shape with yoga with no side effects.

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