Foods to Accelerate Your Metabolism – No More Starving!

This is a guest page by Brenda Lyttle.

Fighting the battle of the bulge is no easy task, especially when you are starving to death and resisting the temptation of keeping your hands off your favorite calorie-foods and desserts. To help the cause of your stomach sounding like an empty vessel, appetite suppressants like Phen375 are gaining much popularity nowadays. But if you are keen on sticking to the natural ways, there are foods you can fill yourself with, that rev up your metabolism for easy weight loss.

Low-Fat Dairy Products

Many studies have shown that insufficient calcium in the body can instigate the release of a hormone named calcitrol that enhances fat storage. It thereby makes sense for you to be mindful of meeting your every day calcium needs by consuming low-fat dairy products, like cottage cheese, yoghurt, and milk.

A recent study also concluded that dairy products successfully boost weight loss efforts. Participants on a low-calorie diet who made three or four dairy food servings a part of their diet lost a lot more weight than people who consumed the same amount of calories from other foods. Low-fat yoghurt is a great source of healthy calcium for weight watchers, as it provides around 450 mg per serving of 8-ounce, along with 12 gms protein.

Green Tea

Caffeine contained in green tea has multiple health benefits, including weight loss. Besides helping the body to burn calories while resting, it improves your heart rate and liberates the stored fatty acids in the body and utilizes them to produce energy.

Also, green tea consists of ECGC, which is a compound that accelerates metabolism as well as the workings of your nervous system and brain. Tava Tea is a popular green tea in the market that has received rave reviews from people who tried it for healthy weight loss.

High-Fiber Berries

Blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries – Make them all a part of your diet. Stuffing yourself with fiber lets you stay full while hoarding minimum calories. Fiber also serves to be a sponge that absorbs and pushes fat swiftly within the digestive system so that it doesn’t remain stored in the body. One cup of raspberries contains mere 60 calories and 8 gms fiber. Can you believe that?


Besides boosting your metabolism immensely, omega-3 fatty acids in fish are very healthy for eating. Basically, these acids amend the leptin levels in the body, which is a hormone that affects your metabolism and determines if you store fat or burn them.

So, fish like Sardines, Mackerel, Trout, Tuna, and Salmon, that contain omega-3 fatty acids are all proven to improve metabolism by helping you burn around 400 calories daily, by boosting the fat-burning enzymes, as well as bringing down the amount of fat-storage enzymes.

Hence, treading on the slimming path doesn’t necessarily has to be synonymous with hungry pangs all the time. Be a smart weight watcher and adhere to the above foods to boost your metabolism and experience dramatic yet healthy weight loss.

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