Eat Stop Eat for a Fantastic Fit Physique

This is a guest post by Sally.

The Eat Stop Eat diet plan is an eating program based on occasional fasting. Today, many people are looking for creative, simple solutions to lose weight. Many fad diets are difficult to follow and are unrealistic for long term success. Counting calories can be tedious and extremely difficult for individuals who have trouble adhering to discipline. The Eat Stop Eat program requires no fancy diet, calorie counting or other complicated means to accomplish its purpose. The program seems to work with the natural, human eating frequency.

The program suggests eating large meals that are broken by occasional fasts. Breakfast is a meal that is often skipped. If eaten, the first meal of the day is quickly accomplished with a granola bar, banana, a quick glass of juice or a cup of coffee. Lunch may or may not be eaten. Dinner is usually eaten and comprises a majority of daily caloric intake. There is often a 15 to 18 hour time lapse between dinner and lunch on the following day. This easily qualifies as a fast. So, the Eat Stop Eat program works well with individuals who habitually skip meals.

However, the program adds another dynamic that is often overlooked by those who skip meals. Eat Stop Eat encourages exercise while on the program. The mode, intensity, time and type of exercise is not specifically covered, but it does suggest the eating program along with exercise increases natural human growth hormone levels. Human growth hormone is directly responsible for physical characteristics associated with youth. They include healthy skin appearance, muscle integrity and fat loss to name a few. Eat Stop Eat includes a small manual that outlines the program and is easy to understand. The Eat Stop Eat program states that students can loosely follow the eating strategy and still achieve results. In addition to the diet plan, Eat Stop Eat focuses on metabolism for permanent weight loss. Metabolism is the body’s ability to burn calories at rest. Increasing metabolism is one of the most effective ways to lose weight as most calories are burned outside the gym. Faster met
abolisms are more forgiving with poor food choices and utilize stored fat more efficiently for energy. Eat Stop Eat claims to improve metabolism within 24 hours while utilizing the program.

Students can rest assured knowing the most effective way to lose weight is to restrict caloric intake. No fitness program will be effective without this important aspect to weight loss. As with any weight loss program, Eat Stop Eat is most effective when adhered to with discipline. Strenuous exercise is not necessary, but moderate is recommended to maintain muscle integrity which is foundational to an efficient metabolism. It also improves overall physical appearance.

For more info on the Eat Stop Eat program, check out this Aussie website dedicated to letting you know more about the program! This post was written by one of the staff at Australia’s premier supplier of the Eat Stop Eat books.

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