Do we need to take supplements while building muscle?

This is a guest page by Latasri.

Muscle building has become a part of today’s youth’s wish list, who wishes to sport a six pack abs and sleeve busting arms. Be it a teenager or a twenty something all men wish to sport a lean and mean look which is the order of the day. Gyms and fitness centers have mushroomed all around the globe advising their clients to take protein shakes and several other dietary supplements to grow muscle. The question here is do you really need supplements to grow muscle? The answer is both yes and no. Without taking supplements you can grow muscle at a slow pace. Bench presses and several other exercises combined with milk, fruits and vegetables will help you to gain muscle in due course. But if you wish to grow muscle fast, say in a few months time then it is necessary to take supplements.

Whey protein, fish oil and glutamine are the most popular

There are several supplements that help you to grow muscle. Whey protein, fish oil and glutamine to name a few. These combined with exercises and regular diet guarantee results in a short time. Before taking any of these supplements consult a nutritionist. He/she will be able to guide you well. It shouldn’t be that you end up taking the wrong supplements. Not that it’ll cause you any harm but it’ll not have the desired effect.

Whey Protein is the most popular supplement that helps in muscle building. Whether you’re into functional training or body weight work outs, whey protein acts as the apt supplement. There are three types of whey protein. They are whey concentrate, whey isolate and whey hydrolysate. This is made from milk while the milk is turned into cheese. Add two scoops of whey protein into a glass of milk or juice and drink daily. It helps body builders to build muscle immediately.

Omega 3 oil is the best fish oil to be taken during muscle building. This is one of the fastest selling supplements in the market for the past few years now. It helps in reducing inflammation, lowers body fat, and lessens cholesterol levels in the body, making it the best supplement to take for building muscle. Whether it is waist trimming or building stomach muscles fish oil is ideal. Instead of eating fish in your daily diet (this can prove expensive) it is better to pop a pill of Omega 3 oil. That can do the trick.

If you’re into trx training or using flex belt to reduce weight then it is ideal to take supplements that can help you to strengthen your stomach muscles. Using tummy trimmers or abs equipment to lose weight is very popular now. Supplements taken along with these work outs can help you to achieve the perfect body. There are different supplements for different work outs. Aerobic exercises require different protein requirements than anaerobic ones. It’s wise to consult your trainer or expert before taking supplements.

Amino acids, nitric acids and Creatine

Glutamine is a popular amino acid that is used for building muscle mass. This helps in military training and long distance running.

Whatever is your requirement, do take supplements if you wish to build your body in a few weeks time. That will help you to sport a beautiful and sculpted body. You’re sure to be the cynosure of all eyes at the beach next summer.

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