Caring for an Elderly Veteran at Home

This is a guest page by Sachin.

Despite often being tough and rugged on the surface, veterans often suffer from the effects of war and everything that they have seen. An elderly veteran requires much the same treatment as any other elderly parent but the effects of loneliness can often be far more prominent.

Aged care for veterans is part funded by the Australian Government and will enable all of the key areas of home care and personal care to be carried out so that the elderly veteran is able to remain at home rather than enter into a nursing home. Generally this results in a longer and happier retirement.

This care should include:

Home help

Elderly people are often unable to maintain their house to a healthy standard. Residential care should involve vacuuming, bathroom and toilet cleaning, mopping, washing clothes, ironing, and general housekeeping. This will enable the elderly veteran to remain at home in a comfortable and liveable condition.

Personal support

As people age they become less able to look after themselves. It is important to provide personal support to the elderly as they may be unable to go to the toilet by themselves in many cases. Elderly veterans may need support getting dressed and caring for their hair, skin and nails. In many cases they will need to be reminded several times a day to take their pills and they may also need assistance applying creams and lotions to their bodies.

Home and garden maintenance

Much of the maintenance that we do not really even consider to be a chore can become a real burden and danger to older citizens. Part of the elderly veteran support system includes assistance with cutting trees back, mowing lawns and maintaining the appearance of the house and the garden. This can have a real impact on the life of the elderly person because otherwise they may be in danger of injury from unkempt surroundings. Such a danger would otherwise prevent them from living in peace and comfort in their final years.


Care can be arranged as part of the Australian Veteran support system to help relieve the load of the primary carer. If you are looking after your parent alone then you will be able to receive relief for a few hours or even days when you wish to take a break. The ability to take some time to yourself will enable you to carry out primary care to a far more successful level.

Tackle loneliness

Much of the required care listed above is necessary for the home care of any elderly parent. One thing that requires extra attention with elderly veterans is the element of loneliness. Loneliness is a problem amongst many elderly people but it is especially pronounced in veterans and can lead to severe depression if not tackled correctly.

To tackle loneliness and depression it is best to take the elderly veteran outside of the house as often as possible, take them shopping with you, and play games with them. Take time to sit down and talk to them about their lives because this will be the last opportunity you will get and you may well regret it if you don’t.

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