Are you an Overweight Blogger? Then Military Training will Help You to Shed Weight

This is a guest page by Latasri.

Often we’ve seen (and envied too) that those in or was in Military Service maintain a fit and trim body. Though we all know that it is due to their strict exercise regimen and diet we do wonder how these guys maintain a lean physique through out their lives. The erect posture and their confident walk is certainly an inspiration to sloppy bloggers who are spending most of their time in front of their PC staring at the computer screen. Not only do they put on weight, it also leads to several lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and erectile dysfunction (as there is limited lower body movement) to name a few. Here is what can help you to shed the extra fat and stay trim and fit through out your life.

Always Start Small

Before you start any fitness routine consult your GP to check that overall you are healthy and your body is ready to take the strain of work out. Once you get a go ahead start your routine in small measure. Don’t start running ten miles on day one itself. As per military training fitness you start your exercise routine early in the morning with exercises to warm up. Once that is done then the person runs or jogs a couple of miles. Initially I would advise that you start by walking briskly. After a few days of brisk walking, start jogging. Else your thighs will start aching and you may get cramps. This will hinder your weight loss routine.

Work out AM/ PM

See to it that you’re able to take time out to work out both morning and evening. In military training it is important to do push ups, pull ups and sit ups. This helps to loose fat that is gathered around the middle. It also makes you flexible and agile. Two mile run or jogs daily in the morning and evening will make your body light and induce you to work out more. After a week or ten days of the above mentioned exercises you will be in a position to start your ten mile run.

Build Functional Strength

A regular run in the morning or evening will help the body to burn fat and lose weight. It also helps in blood circulation which keeps you in optimum health. Moreover you sweat a lot and that removes the dirt and grime from your skin. Your skin starts glowing with vitality. Running and exercising in open air is another advantage of Military Fitness. Breathing in fresh air can help the body get its daily dose of pure oxygen from atmosphere.

Watch What You Eat

Before going out to exercise see to it that your stomach is not empty. At the same time don’t just have your breakfast and leave for your jog. Eat at least thirty minutes before you exercise. Eat small meals. A little bit of carbohydrates (which will get burned while working out) is ideal. Avoid eating hard to digest foods that are high in fiber and fat. These foods take longer to digest due to which you may have nausea while working out. Drinking sports drink like Gatorade can help you to maintain blood glucose levels during exercise.

Military exercises help to build functional strength and endurance to maintain the body in the peak of health for years to come.

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