5 ways to get out of depression caused due to obesity

This is a guest page by Latasri.

Obesity is a serious issue that is plaguing our society for the last two decades. Every second person in America is over weight due to which several health issues like back pain, infertility, thyroid and several heart diseases crop up. Also mental health is severely affected plaguing the obese person into depression. This is like a two way street. People afflicted with depression are over weight as well as obese people are afflicted with depression. Though depression is a psychological problem it can be overcome to a great extent if body weight can be controlled. With regular exercise and strict diet combine a healthy lifestyle and you’ll soon see a depression free society. No, this is not wishful thinking. It can be achieved. All it takes is a positive attitude towards inflicted patients and collective responsibility on our part to help such people. Here are five effective ways to lose weight and be rid of depression caused due to obesity.

  1. Regular exercise
  2. ‘A healthy body has a healthy mind’ is an age old adage. But it holds true even today. If you’re regular in your exercise or fitness schedule then you can keep your weight under check. Walking in open air can be good both for the mind and body as well. Jogging, running, skipping and gymming can help to keep your weight in check. It is noticed that an obese person as he loses his/her weight also gets out of depression. Join a group of friends or neighbors and exercise regularly.

  3. Strict diet
  4. Besides exercise, diet is another important aspect of any human beings life. Avoiding fries and unhealthy foods can help to keep your body weight under check. There are foods that are mood alleviators. Eating those can help you to keep depression at bay. Omega-3 fatty acids are good mood alleviators. Add a good multi-vitamin to your diet and avoid processed foods in favor of whole grains, fish, thin meats and fresh vegetables and you can see the difference. These are present in diets like Bistro md that is popularly available today.

  5. Use hypnosis
  6. Hypnosis is a way to lose weight. A couple of sessions depending upon the severity of your over weight issue can help to shed weight as well as lift you out of depression. There are professional therapists who can help you with this. Consult your doctor before you try it out.

  7. Liposuction
  8. This is a common treatment to get a shapely figure. Removing fat from the body through liposuction is fast catching up all around the globe. This helps to lose excess fat from the body. Though this procedure is suiting several obese people, after the procedure a person has to follow strict diet and exercise routine to maintain weight loss.

  9. Bariatric surgery
  10. This should be the last option. This surgery is performed in severe cases of obesity where other functions of the body are affected. Though efficient, bariatric surgery should be considered as the last option in severe obese people.

    Obesity and depression are like two sides of a coin. So it is better to steer clear of both. By adopting a healthy lifestyle of exercise, diet and positive attitude you can lead a happy life on this wonderful planet.

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