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Rate My Meals – 2011-03-01

March 2, 2011
Tuesday Meals

This is my second day in a row posting after only having posted once in the prior month so that feels good. I was planning on exercising this morning too but I managed to develop a sore knee while driving home last night - last night I could barely walk on it, this morning it [...]

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Rate My Meals – 2011-02-28

March 1, 2011
Monday Meals

February was a pretty bad month for me as I wrote up in Winter Doldrums. The only saving grace was that I managed my eating well enough to stay stable over the month and didn’t let myself slide into the weight abyss. That said, I’ve really got to get going if I want to accomplish [...]


Rate My Meals – 2011-01-31

January 31, 2011
Monday Meals

I haven’t been doing a good job recently of taking pictures of my meals so my goal this week is to rectify that. Hoping to log a complete story every day. I’ve found that it is way less likely I cheat when I do this, so it is a good practice to get into. Here’s [...]


Rate My Meals – 2010-12-20

December 20, 2010
Monday Meals

I’ve lost 10 pounds in the first 5 weeks of my Countdown to Vegas challenge, and I have managed a loss each of those 5 weeks. I feel like I am on a tremendous roll but I’m entering this week very worried considering it’s Christmas week and I would really like to still book a [...]


Rate My Meals – 2010-12-13

December 13, 2010
Monday Meals

I’m really pushing to have a good week this week and to help support me in that mission I fully intend to once again document all of my meals for the week. I find it so much less likely to binge when I know I am forcing myself to snap pictures of everything I eat. [...]

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Rate My Meals – 2010-12-04

December 4, 2010
Saturday Meals

Woke up to see the driveway covered in nice soft, white fluffy snow. Probably about 5-6 inches of it. Cranked up the snow blower and made quick work of it. I suppose I should have shoveled it, but I felt like getting it done quickly. Did some shopping; picked up some winter gloves, some Under [...]

Rate My Meals – 2010-12-03

December 3, 2010
Friday Meals

Things didn’t totally fall apart for me today but it certainly wasn’t as good of a day as I would have liked. First of all, it is Friday, and I have a hard time finding anything wrong with Fridays. Except for 30 minute commutes home taking 80 because of snow. That sucked. Started off by [...]


Rate My Meals – 2010-12-02

December 2, 2010
Thursday Meals

I managed my fourth day in a row of doing strength training this morning, which I am very happy with. Unfortunately that streak will be ending since my son is having a friend sleep over tonight - our workout room is right across from where they will be sleeping and 5:00am workouts are just not [...]

Rate My Meals – 2010-12-01

December 1, 2010
Wednesday Meals

You may remember that yesterday I warned I was going to a conference today that promised the following: Lunch will be served from 12:00pm until 1:30pm. Immediately following the keynote, plan to attend the Cocktail Reception. The hosted reception features cocktails and alcohol-free beverages, as well as tasty hors d’ouvres! I wrote that I needed [...]

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