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Another Success Story

October 10, 2007

One of my readers pointed me to Fit by Jen, the bio website of Jennifer Marnell, a young mother who went from 300 pounds (at only 5 feet tall) to 120 pounds and a personal trainer. On her Bio page she gives a pretty brief overview of her journey, including how she changed her mindset and managed [...]

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A Blogger Needs Some Words of Encouragement

October 9, 2007

From Big T: I am failing. The same shit that always happens to me when I try to lose weight is happening again. And seriously, I don’t have a clue as to why. I’ve gotten lazy again, I’m eating poorly again, I’m not working out. My motivation is down to nothing. …….. This is the [...]

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Inspiring Success Story

October 9, 2007

Jan B from Just A Mom, That’s More Than Enough wrote a great post last week called More things I like about having lost weight that was really inspiring to me.  Jan has had great success on her weight loss journey, where she is closing in on the magical 100 pounds lost.  The list is mostly simple, [...]


I’m in the Top 100

October 8, 2007

I’m surprised but honored to have been selected as one of 11 weight loss blogs represented in the Nursing Online Education Database’s Top 100 Health and Wellness Blogs list.  That’s me at #24.  Whoever put this list together really took the time to find and annotate a wide variety of very fitting blogs.  What makes me [...]


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