Thinking About Good Decisions

October 9, 2008

When you make the decision to get back into posting and thinking about what you want to write about what you realize is just how many topics there are out there any given day. You have to move, you have to eat, and all day long you make choices - some good, some bad. How [...]


Maybe All I Need is Makeup?

August 24, 2008

As I am sure any of my readers who are blog owners can understand, I get a lot of spam. I have various methods to minimize it, but some still gets in. Sometimes I keep the comment but remove the link, but usually if it didn’t get caught before I saw it, it gets deleted [...]


The Power of Documentation

July 31, 2008

As you can easily see by my graphs I was doing well until the beginning of this year at which point I took a bit of a slide until a month ago, when I weighed in at my highest for some time, 279. I’m now a month in and had an unofficial weigh-in today of [...]


Gap Drops XXL Size for Men - and Other Slaps to the Face

July 24, 2008

According to the Big Fat Blog The Gap has decided to no longer carry XXL sizes for men.  As I don’t shop at the Gap this decision does no impact me (I still need to buy XXXL at speciality stores) but I find it fascinating that it can make this decision in light of the fact [...]


Good Start to the Week

July 16, 2008

So far so good in my quest to achieve my goal of losing two pounds this week. Monday I was about as good as I can be, Tuesday I was good until dinner, then we went out for my wife’s birthday to where the kids wanted to go - Buffalo Wild Wings. While I did [...]


What Inspires You?

April 23, 2008

I have been thinking a bit about inspiration tonight as I read through some of the recent blog comments. What I am realizing is I don’t know that I know what truly inspires me. Andrew wrote that I have inspired him: You can get back on the horse John. Back when you posted about running [...]


South African Braaivleis

February 18, 2008

Andrew recently wrote about his transition from “Mr. Meat” to a vegetarian, which has netted him great weight loss success. In his post he refers to South African boerewors rolls as the Food of the Gods, and I have a hard time arguing with him (despite a pretty unappetizing picture!) because I lived in SA [...]


Help Me Understand the Target Weight Math

February 5, 2008

I’ve been thinking about my goals lately.  In particular, the end game.  If I can get off this darned plateau, what is the weight range I’m going to settle in?  At this point, based on my own history from when I was younger, I chose 185 pounds as my target weight.  That’s way out there, right [...]


What Do You Think About Google Health?

January 25, 2008

According to VentureBeat, Google Health could be launching soon.  Check out this Google login page to get a taste of what Google Health could be about. I’m not sure yet how I feel about this.  Well, that’s not true - I feel uncertainty as to whether it is a good thing or not.  Google is [...]


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