I’m Becoming a Sweater Guy

January 11, 2009

I’ve never really been one to wear sweaters. I’m not sure if that is because I am usually warm or because I have bad memories of itchy wool sweaters from when I was a kid, but no matter what the reason the number of sweaters hanging in my closet has been stuck at two for [...]


4 Reasons I Shouldn’t Eat Cereal for Breakfast

December 9, 2008

photo credit: TheBusyBrain Posts like this probably aren’t going to get me invited to any Quaker Oats Weekends, but I do have fond memories of eating cereal for breakfast when I was a kid. Mostly it was non-sugar cereal like Corn Flakes, Cheerios or Grape Nuts to which I would sprinkle a little sugar on [...]


Thanksgiving is Black Thursday for Dieters

November 27, 2008

photo credit: *clairity* As you are no doubt aware the day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday, which marks the start of the traditional Christmas shopping season (did you know about Cyber Monday, though?). Black Friday is a day to revel in all-out consumerism with many people camping out at night to stake their place [...]


Catching Up

November 19, 2008

Once I realized I wasn’t going to hit my goal of posting every day this month I kind of drifted off on to other things, but that doesn’t mean I’m still not here. I’ve got a bunch of things in the fire so I thought I’d just do a brain dump of everything here and [...]


4 Tips For Getting PR People To Send You Free Stuff

November 15, 2008

You probably have noticed that I occasionally get free products that I review and/or give away in contests (how cool was that giving away a free bike?!). Steve from Weight Loss Weapons did, and he asked me: You seem to get free stuff to review all the time. Do they contact you or are you [...]


Read Some New Healthy Lifestyle Bloggers

November 7, 2008

Lisa from Iowa Avenue wrote a great post this week called The Joy of Blogging where she talked about how important it is for us to find, read and reward via comments (and linking!) those bloggers out there who are writing great content for the sheer love of it, whether the traffic is there or [...]


And Now a Message To My Sponsors

November 4, 2008

That’s right, to my sponsors. Not only my sponsors but any product company out there that isn’t fully engaged with the web by now. Please view this short video by Gary Vaynerchuk and evaluate whether you are truly working the room with your product marketing strategy: Some “old” product companies are getting it, like Quaker [...]


Searching for Weight Loss

October 11, 2008

I was playing with Google Insights for Search recently (which I like a lot better than Google Trends, by the way) when I came across this very interesting graph. What you are looking at (and if you click through on the graph you will see this live on Google Insights) is the Google search history [...]


Thinking About Vacation

October 10, 2008

It’s going to be a little strange taking a vacation next week.  It seems like we don’t normally take vacations at this time of year.  Still, I am very much looking forward to it.  I hope I will be able to properly relax despite the meltdown in the economy. It’s hard to admit, but I [...]

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