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Things for the Aging Man to Consider

October 2, 2011
Aging Man

This is a guest post by Nan Gibbons. Everyone ages; it’s an unavoidable fact of life. Though aging is universal, the issues that come with it are varied for individuals and between the sexes. Men have to deal with entirely different changes, particularly when it comes to health. If you’re a man, especially if you’re [...]

A simple, quick and healthy breakfast recipe

October 2, 2011
Breakfast Recipe

This is a guest post by Tony Rovere. The single most common denominator among people who are obese is that they skip breakfast. Eating breakfast enables you to jump start your metabolism and get yourself started onto a healthy day of eating…if you eat the right breakfast. The problem with most people is that eating [...]

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Tilapia to Fuel Muscle Growth

September 17, 2011

This is a guest post by Greg Hayes. If you’re exercising on a regular basis, you need to ensure that you’re getting enough protein to build muscle mass. While there are lots of options out there, some protein-rich foods offer more health benefits (and cost benefits) than others. That’s why you should consider turning to [...]


Metal Colloids May Be Beneficial in Your Journey

September 11, 2011
metal colloids

This is a guest post by Nan Gibbons. Adding dietary supplements to one’s daily routine can be helpful in improving health, energy, and aiding the body in its daily functions. To this end, some have turned to colloidal silver, an alternative health measure that can help cleanse the body of toxins. Widely used until antibiotics [...]

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5 Tips for Eating Vegetarian at a BBQ

September 5, 2011
Grilled Veggies

This is a guest post by Trina Cleary. One of the most relaxing ways to get together with friends and family is to gather at a park or in the backyard and share some great food over the BBQ. But when you are vegan, vegetarian or even just trying to cut down on your meat [...]

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Top Fat Burning Workouts for Men

September 3, 2011

This is a guest post by Scott Lindsay. It has been proven that men tend to lose weight faster and easier than women and through a series of workouts they tend to build up muscle quickly. However there are some men who find that they exercise a great deal but are not burning fat at [...]

Helping a Handicapped Family Member Stay Fit

August 30, 2011

This is a guest post by Nan Gibbons. Life in a wheelchair can be difficult. Whether you’re temporarily wheelchair bound or permanently disabled, daily activities are no longer as easy as they once were. With the many adjustments and concerns of making your home more wheelchair friendly, finding wheelchair accessible vehicles and transportation, or caring [...]

My 3 Favorite US Cities To Go For A Run

August 27, 2011

This is a guest post by Jacquie. The everyday stress and hubbub on the streets of our nation’s biggest cities is expected. But does it surprise you that, even in the busiest cities like New York City, places like Central Park are havens for early morning runners looking relieve some stress in the picturesque setting? [...]

Enjoy the regime: Losing weight in no time

August 27, 2011
Losing weight

This is a guest post by Amanda Kidd. Losing weight can be easy and fun, provided you make a determination and follow a sensible strategy. In order to win, you must first have a clear idea of what you intend to achieve, not just in terms of how much weight you want to lose, but [...]

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