A Little Grilling

July 27, 2010
BBQ Grill

If you were paying attention to my Twitter feed last night you’ll know that I participated in the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Better for You BBQ Taste & Tweet event. I was asked to participate in the event a few weeks ago and was sent a really cool grilling pack from the company [...]


A Week of Meals

July 25, 2010
Week of Meals

I went into Monday of this week with the goal of taking a picture of everything I ate for the week. I have noticed that when I do that (ala my Rate my Meals posts) that I tend to eat much better than if I don’t. I guess it’s all about accountability. In doing this [...]


Bad Snack of the Day: Snyder’s Pretzel Pieces

July 20, 2010
Pretzel Pieces

This weekend I had to stop at a gas station with my son to get him a drink for his soccer game* and I managed to convince myself that I needed something to munch on while watching from the sidelines. I chose what at first glance appeared to be a fairly innocent snack, a small [...]


How to Segment an Orange

May 5, 2010
Orange Segments

It’s probably never occurred to you to eat an orange any other way other than cutting it into pieces with the skin on and sucking on each piece or peeling it and eating each segment. 99% of the time when I eat an orange that’s what I do too. But every once in awhile I [...]


Eating in Japan

April 6, 2010
Japanese Vending Machine

It’s a good thing I have a few more days off until I start work on Thursday because I am not yet out of lazy vacation mode. Had a great time in Japan - we were in Tokyo for 9 days and took a daytrip one day to Hiroshima (4 hours each way on the [...]


Super Bowl Snack - California Raisins Five-Spice Popcorn Snack Mix

January 31, 2010
Thumbnail image for Super Bowl Snack – California Raisins Five-Spice Popcorn Snack Mix

Read below to learn how you can easily win one of these gift boxes too! Disclaimer: A representative for the California Raisin Marketing Board provided this gift pack, however the opinions shared are purely my own. The Super Bowl is coming up next week and I’m planning to do better than I did eating-wise last [...]


Eating Breakfast at McDonald’s

October 14, 2009

One of the approaches I used successfully when I first had some weight loss success on this journey of mine was to continue eating at all the same places I always had but to scale back how much I was eating. I pretty much know my battle is to reduce consumption and having a focus [...]


Do You Binge Eat Like Me?

January 16, 2009

photo credit: NathanaelB I’m wondering if I binge eat like others do. When I hear about binging I read stories of people eating a gallon of ice cream in one sitting, a whole pizza or an entire box of oreos. Other than the pizza (who hasn’t indulged in an entire pizza?) I don’t think I [...]


Hiding the Oreos

October 25, 2008

My family played a game today called “Hide the Oreos.” As is no secret, I love me some Double Stuffed Oreos. But that’s no good for the diet. Unfortunetly, the rest of my family loves them too. Months ago we just had them in the pantry. Then my wife noticed they were getting eaten at [...]


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