This is a guest post by Charles.

Every year, thousands of Americans resolve to do more exercise, to get fitter, healthier and leaner. Of all these good intentions, many fail to even get off the ground, and many of those that do fall by the wayside after a few attempts at jogging.


While willpower is the only thing which will keep you on your fitness path - those whose heart is not in it will always find some excuse not to jog! - avoiding some of the pitfalls which affect novice joggers will give you a better chance of sticking to the program.

One of these is thinking that you can run in just any old gear. While this is technically true, having the wrong clothing or footwear leads to aches, pains, blisters and a lack of comfort which can quickly crush your determination to get out there and run.

Firstly, the most important item to get you ‘up and running’: your shoes. Your feet will take a lot of punishment on those first few runs, and while blisters and cuts can take a week or so to heal, more serious injuries can last a lot longer and affect your everyday life too. It is therefore vital that you have footwear which provides the requisite comfort and support you need - and this is more than just a cushioned sole.

As Runner’s World magazine explains, pronation is the way your foot rolls when it hits the ground, and the type of pronation varies from person to person. Normal pronators roll their feet about 15 per cent inwards after the heel touches, meaning the full foot comes into contact with the ground and spreads the load evenly. Some over-pronate, some under-pronate, and this can lead to problems in the foot, the ankle, and further up the leg. However, your running shoes can correct your pronation for you; this is why it pays to buy your sneakers from expert retailers who can assess your pronation type and give you the right tools to correct it.

Don’t forget though that it’s not only about decent shoes, you should also invest in the right clothing. Cotton T-shirts may be comfortable for lounging around the house, but they don’t work so well for physical exercise. They absorb sweat, meaning after a short period of running you’ll be carrying around a clingy, uncomfortable and heavy T-shirt. Man-made fibres wick-away the sweat much more effectively, keeping you cooler and providing a more enjoyable running experience.

So, resolve to do more exercise by jogging or running, but make sure to do it with the right kit for you!

photo by: Constance1912

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