The Hidden Benefits of Pilates

December 20, 2014 · 1 comment

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Pilates is a type of exercise that incorporates your entire body, stimulating seldom used muscles and optimizing blood flow. Although it is not traditionally thought of as a way to quickly shed the pounds, this kind of active training is highly effective in creating steady long-term weight loss as well as increasing your level of overall fitness.


Pilates and Fat Burning

In order to lose a pound of fat, your body must burn 3,500 calories more than it takes in on a given day, and Pilates is a low-impact exercise that can be tremendously effective in burning calories. A full-scale half hour mat workout can burn up to 300 calories alone, which can give a substantial boost to any improvements in diet, which are another central factor in weight loss.

The signature full-body movement of a Pilates workout works to strengthen your core muscles and improve your flexibility while increasing tone throughout your muscular system. Muscle burns calories much more efficiently than an equivalent weight of fat, and so even if your immediate weight loss returns from adding Pilates to your workout routine are less than impressive, the improvements to the way your burns calories are bound to deliver results in the longer term.

Reshaping Your Body

Extensive training with Pilates also has the benefit of sculpting your body to a trimmer appearance, so even the effect of moderate weight loss will be greatly enhanced. Unlike the bulk and mass added with a weight training program, Pilates creates lean muscle mass while burning fat in critical areas such as the torso and thighs.

Training with Pilates equipment from Vitality4life is also an outstanding way to improve your posture. Proper posture contributes to a taller and leaner appearance, and the techniques involved with the training will compel a strong stature that accentuates your weight loss. It promotes deep, efficient respiration as well, which is a potent ingredient in encouraging blood flow and resulting weight loss.

Lifestyle Awareness

Perhaps the most effective aspect of Pilates in weight loss involves the discipline’s encouragement of a healthy overall lifestyle. A central tenet of Pilates is to promote high energy levels throughout the day, and part of this is being aware of how lifestyle choices affect your body. A professional Pilates instructor will guide you through the proper dietary practices and rest schedule to maximize the benefits of Pilates as a concept, and these factors are an incredibly essential factor to achieving and maintaining weight loss.

Pilates primarily serves as an education in awareness of your body, but the training and physical exertion involved have the pleasant side effect of sustainable weight loss. Although more direct forms of aerobic activity such as biking of a dedicated gym workout will yield more immediate results, Pilates is a way to retrain your body to operate more efficiently in your everyday life.

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