The Happy and Healthy Checklist: Tips For Improving Your Quality of Life

August 9, 2013

This is a guest post by Sadie.

It’s a sad fact of life, how common it is for people to feel dissatisfied with their careers, relationships or other personal matters every now and then. However, feeling this way is completely normal; even healthy, as only by realising the things that are holding us back is our lives can we begin to take the steps to revise our everyday and long-term goals and priorities.

However, if you’re finding yourself growing increasingly unhappy and unsettled with your general lot in life, there are a few things you can do to improve your experiences and feel more enjoyment. Contrary to popular belief, accomplishing this is quite simple.

There are three facets you should concentrate on in order to truly improve your enjoyment of life overall – the physical, the mental, and the spiritual.

Quality of Life

The Physical

We all know the basics of improving ourselves physically – eat better, get fit, exercise more. By improving your body, you’ll not only look better, you’ll feel much healthier as well, which will help you in the long run if you ever need to compare health insurance policies. While these aspects of physical health are important, however, there are other steps you can take to upgrade your physical quality of life.

The average person spends a lot of time indoors on a daily basis. This can have a negative effect on our health, both physically and emotionally. There is life outside of the artificial lighting of our work cubicles and homes. If you get outside more, you will find that the sun will revitalize you and give you a boost of energy. When you feel the middle of the day slump hit, and your energy level starts to go kaput, even a short trip outside on a break or at lunch can help you gain energy and make the rest of the day go smoother. Of course, you still want to be safe, so if you’re planning on spending any extended period of time outside, make sure to use sunblock, and take other necessary precautions.

The Mental

Focusing on your physical health is only one piece of the puzzle. Too often, we ignore the importance of our mental health, not fully realizing what a burden the mental pressures from work or study can be on our overall quality of life.

Never stop learning. Regardless of how much time is spent in school, we don’t know everything. Our brains are designed to continue learning throughout our lives, so make a habit of learning something new every day. This needn’t be a new science discipline or advanced mathematical system. Something as simple as a few trivia facts can help you to keep sharpening your mind, making it stronger. Plus, you’ll become a whiz at trivia games.

Keeping a journal is a great mental exercise as well. It’s a good way to organize your thoughts and will allow you to relive memories when you read over them again. You might also want to consider keeping an “ideas journal.” This is a separate journal where you can jot down any interesting inklings you might have. The business of our days can cause us to forget many of the good ideas we might have throughout the day, whether that’s a new creative endeavour, a potential holiday destination, or simply a few recipes you’d like to try out.

The Spiritual

Increasing your spiritual quality of life doesn’t necessarily mean adhering to a religion. While this is a great avenue for many people, there are other ways to make yourself spiritually happy.

Don’t listen to haters. Free yourself of the need to make everyone else happy. Listening to negative people who tell you that you aren’t good enough or that your taste in movies is bad can only lead to negative feelings about yourself. Don’t listen to these people; they’ll only bring you down.

Much of our days are planned, either by us or by someone else’s idea of what we should be doing and when we should be doing it. It can be freeing to embrace spontaneity and introduce a little chaos into the system. This doesn’t mean uprooting your entire life on a whim and moving to a different city, but why not take a road trip or go out without having any idea of what you want to do, letting your whims take control? Spontaneity can create the best memories.

An Overall Better Quality of Life

To truly better your quality of life and counteract unwanted feelings of imbalance, it is important to focus on equally improving the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of your life. By working to improve your short-term and long-term experiences, you’ll find yourself much healthier, happier and wiser.

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