How Juicing can Help You Lose Weight and Improve Fitness

May 4, 2013 · 0 comments

This is a guest post by Bridget Sandorford.

You know that a whole-foods diet is the best way to lose weight by getting all the nutrients you need and none of the junk that you don’t. Sometimes, we tend to get off track or we hit a plateau and we need to give our diet a jump start. Juicing is a great way to supplement your diet to get more of the nutrients you need, or you can use it to jump start your diet to get your weight loss started or to get over a plateau.

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Here are just a few ways that juicing can help you to lose weight and improve your fitness:

Delivers More Nutrients

Juicing concentrates the fruits and vegetables and helps you to get more nutrients in your diet. One glass of juice contains several pieces of fruits and vegetables, which you may not eat otherwise because it’s too time-consuming or too filling. Drinking a glass of juice with a meal or as a meal replacement can help you to get much more nutrients into your diet.

The more nutrients you get, the better every system in your body will operate, including your metabolism. More nutrients also means you’ll be stronger and will be less likely to experience injury, helping to improve your fitness.

Reduces Inflammation

Juicing helps you to neutralize the acidity in your body, which also helps you to reduce inflammation. A large number of health disorders and diseases are linked to unchecked inflammation in the body. By reducing inflammation, you can improve your digestion, which will also improve your metabolism and your ability to process foods for energy instead of storing them as fat. Reducing inflammation also helps you to reduce your risk of injury when you are exercising.

Helps to Balance Your Hormones

A lot of the things you eat can disrupt your hormonal balance, which can affect everything from your metabolism to your mood to your susceptibility to illness. Sugar, processed carbohydrates, even meats can cause your hormones to get out of balance. Juicing ensures that you only get pure fruits and vegetables, which can help you bring your hormones into balance. You’ll give your metabolism a boost and get the energy (and the motivation) you need to work out.

Improves Energy

With all the previous benefits of juicing, you will experience a big jump in energy. Your metabolism will be humming, your hormones will be balanced so you will be feeling good, and your digestion will be improved, all of which will give you steady levels of energy throughout the day. You’ll feel more motivated to work out, and you’ll actually have the energy to work out and to push yourself as far as you can go.

If you have hit a plateau with your weight loss, or you are starting your weight-loss journey, you may want to consider trying a juice fast or simply adding more juice to your diet to help you meet your goals. You can also swap out unhealthy drinks like soda for juice to give your diet a healthy boost.

Have you tried juicing? Tell us how it helped your weight loss or your fitness in the comments!

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