3 Ways to Use a Treadmill

March 31, 2013

This is a guest post by Macy.

In my early visits at the gym, I observed that the treadmill is a very popular choice for those who want a cardiovascular workout. I was not that surprised, since I knew that the treadmill is so simple to use and it can adapt to all fitness levels. Basically, the treadmill is a machine that is specifically designed to improve not only the heart and lungs, but also to tone the legs and other muscle groups. Its moving surface allows running or walking while being conveniently situated in one place.


Below are techniques I highly recommend for using the treadmill:

Familiarize Yourself with the Control Panel

Learn the basics before turning on the machine. If you are in the gym, make sure a trainer orients you about all the control buttons right in front of you. Treadmills usually have the same features, including manual workout selections, start and stop buttons, speed adjustments, as well as body weight input. It is also important to test some safety features like the emergency off switch, which is usually the large red button in the middle of the machine.

Get On It

Begin by placing your two feet on the side rails of the treadmill platform before turning on the machine. Start your workout by walking slowly for five minutes. This is a very good warm-up. Continue to walk at a slow pace if you wish to do a speed walking workout later on. Otherwise, jog lightly or walk at a fast pace if you are planning to do a steady running workout. Adjust the speed with the up and down arrows.

Be conscious of your posture. Walk or run with your back straight, shoulders aligned, and eyes looking forward. Remember to hydrate before, during, and after the training by drinking water every 10 to 15 minutes. When training longer than an hour on the treadmill, it is advisable to keep a sports drink handy. Most treadmills come equipped with bottle holders so there should be no problem with that. You can check some of the best Nordictrack® Treadmills - Buy a Treadmill from the #1 Brand Online.

Stop with Care

There are a few ways to halt a moving treadmill. First is to decrease the speed by means of the control panel until the belt stops. The second option is to hit the big red stop button so that the speed is reduced immediately. The last would be to hold on to the bars, step onto the sides, and finally turn off the machine. Note that the first two procedures are recommended for novice treadmill users, while the last method takes some practice and coordination.

I hope that you’ll enjoy running on a treadmill as much as I do. Over the years, I can say that my treadmill has been a very big factor in helping me to become fit and strong. Just keep in mind that you will see and feel the wonderful effects of exercise if you combine it with a healthy, balanced diet!

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