Motivation to Exercise After a Long Day’s Work

March 23, 2013 · 0 comments

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Even for people that thoroughly enjoy exercise, it can be difficult to be motivated to work out at times, no matter how much you know it’s good for you and makes you feel great. Let’s be honest - after an in your face, long day at work, going straight home to watch television or search the web is much more enticing than sweating it out at the gym with strangers. That’s for people that already do like working out - for those of you that don’t enjoy it in the first place…those days are another story. But we have to stay on track no matter how much the thought of exercising makes you want to gag. Rest assured! A lack of motivation can easily be remedied. Try seriously considering the little things. Here’s a few tips:


1. Plan

Decide and commit to specific times set aside to workout weekly - treat it like a meeting that cannot be breached. By scheduling them into your calendar it reminds you it’s a priority and it’s not to be missed - maybe rearranged but not skipped over.You see it and think about it mentally preparing yourself for that dedicated time. One would ideally want to work out the same days and same time each week to create a reliable and habitual schedule but by scheduling it when you can, you prepare mentally and have something to look forward to on those difficult, long days.

2. Accountability

Hold yourself accountable to a minimum activity level each week. This can easily be done by creating a ‘rule’. For instance: no matter how busy my week gets, I’m going to work out a minimum of two times a week. For some that rule may be more like no less than four times a week if their regular is six times. You shouldn’t just “try” to workout, you “must” workout. If you’ve got an office job, most likely you’re sitting all day not exerting much effort. But your body was built to move!

3. Prepare

When you’re preparing for the day, whether that be in the morning or the night before, pack your gym bag and take it with you to work or school. The mind power of knowing you ‘already prepared’ by the end of the work day can do wonders for your motivation. The instant you get home and see the inviting kitchen table or living room couch, the game is over. Make sure you’re taking the right supplements that might be needed to help you with your workout. If your gym is at work or home, avoid getting comfortable before you workout. In a perfect world, the minute you get home you can change up and head right on out. Whatever you do, aim to create new, positive habits. Don’t give yourself time to talk yourself out of it.

4. Engage Yourself

Finding a workout friend can keep you in the mindset that you need to keep pushing forward. Group support is extremely beneficial and powerful. If you have a gym membership, check out their classes: strength training, yoga, zumba, spinning and more could be options!

5. Celebrate

This could mean anything! Reward yourself for your efforts! Make it something you love and can look forward to as a result of your hard work! Try to stay away from food based rewards but a movie, concert, sporting event, massage, or new gym clothes (especially more fitted due to weight loss) can keep you highly motivated. It feels so good after a hard earned workout regimen.

Use these tips to cure your lack of motivation and yours results will skyrocket. Good luck!

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