Hypnosis Helps In Losing Weight

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This is a guest post by Eve Charlton.

Sit or sleep on any comfortable couch in a quiet room and close your eyes. Imagine your food cravings are flying away on fluffy white clouds. Tell yourself that hypnosis will help you to lose weight because the reality is- it does.

Well, some people think that how adding trance to your weight loss plan will help in losing weight and keeping it off longer. However, this is a truth. Hypnosis is a method that helps you concentrate on what you want-your desires or aims- for instance, to be a thinner person of your preferred weight. Hypnosis is a tool, which assist you strap up the power of your mind to see yourself doing what you must do to achieve your targets.

Hypnosis is a derivative of a Greek word that means sleep, a changed state of consciousness that has spellbound people for centuries. James Baird, a physician and mesmerism learner in the year 1840, first used this technique. He used induction method to treat patients suffered with different disorders. And, today this technique is widely used by various hypnotherapists to tackle various diseases from anxiety to obesity.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Your unconscious mind keeps working even when you are in a deep sleep, helping you to stay healthy. The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis states that when you use hypnotic process, you practice a change of state and use more of the potential of your brain. This hypnotic state allows you to lose consciousness and focus attentively on your imaginations. It is a very effective technique for losing weight when the reason of your obese is overeating.

Overeating is a subconsciously driven behavior. It usually occurs often without your having much control over it. However, with the use of hypnosis technique, you can control over the problem of eating behavior.

Under Hypnosis, the hypnotist first finds the reasons of your overeating. Then he/she will guide you to come up with other healthier means to deal with these causative factors. By repeatedly listening to your hypnotist’s suggestions, the message gets through to your sub-conscious mind.

Of course, one hypnosis session can’t shape up your diet. But repeatedly following a positive suggestion daily can transform your eating disorder. A hypnotherapist can also advise you to continue the treatment at home by using a method of self-hypnosis. If you want to do self-hypnosis, you can read pro hypnotist Blair’s Instant Self-Hypnosis. This will help you to put yourself into a hypnotic state, while remain conscious of your surroundings. Self-hypnosis helps to tackle the psychological aspects of long-lasting healthy eating, letting you to make a decision how you crave to eat, and how fast you will lose weight.

What Studies Say About Hypnosis?

There have been a number of clinical researches undertaken to conclude whether hypnotism or hypnosis is helpful in losing weight. A study involved a group of 60 obese females receiving hypnosis for weight reduction. The group achieved significant weight loss an average of 17 lbs each after hypnotherapy. Another study, 109 people underwent behavioral therapy to deal with weight problems, some with the addition of hypnosis. After 9 weeks of treatment, those who are receiving hypnosis continued to lose weight more quickly than those who did not.

Expert Insight

In the hypnotic state, your imagination becomes more receptive to positive suggestions for altering eating behaviors, and improving your self-image. According to MedLine Plus, there is a need to do changes in eating habits and including exercise in your daily routine to make the weight loss permanent even after therapy. For losing weight, see yourself eating bit by bit, enjoying every bite. Imagine yourself in a state when you have attained your perfect weight.

Benefits of Hypnosis

There are certain benefits of hypnotism such as you do not need to spend money in medicines or buy expensive diet products to use self-hypnosis in your weight-loss plan. It is a pleasurable and relaxing activity where you need to set sensible goals to reach your desired weight. The changes in your prospective toward several situations will help you to eat healthier and enjoy your food more. Practicing and maintaining your healthy weight loss plan daily will make it easier for you to move into a state of deep relaxation.

When Hypnosis Is Not Useful

Hypnosis is an enhanced state of psychological clarity, wherein the mind is extremely predisposed to suggestion. If a subject does not want to be hypnotized or believes that hypnosis cannot help him/her, hypnosis may not be a practicable and effective solution. However, hypnosis does not cause any risks to healthy individuals, but those who suffer from depression, insomnia, personality disorders should not undergo hypnotherapy.


The effective way to lose weight and keep it off is to make a firm commitment. There is evidence that shows hypnotherapy helps a person in weight reduction, particularly when used as a technique to change negative behavioral patterns. Even though there is no assurance that weight loss hypnosis will work for everyone, it is a great alternative when combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan to produce positive results.

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