Fun Fitness Classes for Keeping You Fit in Winter

February 25, 2013 · 0 comments

This is a guest post by Jordan S.

Staying in shape is a year-round endeavor, but many of us tend to lose sight of our fitness goals during the winter season. If you find it difficult to stay motivated during the cold months, it may just be time to spice up your workout routine with some fun new classes. The cure for workout monotony is a fresh, new and exciting routine, and there are plenty of options out there. Consider just a few possible ways to supercharge your winter fitness routine:

Spin (Indoor Cycling)

Indoor cycling is a great way to challenge yourself, and if you’re trying to lose weight, spin classes provide the perfect environment. Indoor cycling is one of the safest and least intimidating fitness classes out there, but a one-hour class can help you burn up to a 1,000 calories. The workout is performed at varying intervals on stationary fitness bikes, under the supervision of a cycling instructor, and you’re guaranteed to break a sweat while making new friends and challenging yourself in exciting ways.

Weight Training Classes

Looking to burn fat and sculpt lean muscle tone? Weight training classes can help you to do just that, by providing you with physical resistance while maintaining a rapid pace to keep your heart rate up. You don’t have to be a muscle-bound jock to take these classes, though. Weight training classes are appropriate for all fitness levels.


Zumba has taken off in recent years as a new fitness dance craze. If you love to dance, this is most certainly the class for you. With Latin-inspired moves and music, nothing will make your heart beat faster. Like spin classes, Zumba classes have tremendous weight loss and calorie-burning potential. You won’t find a more fun way to spend an hour, but be warned, Zumba can be extremely rigorous, and if you haven’t been active for a while, you may want to work up to this one.

Step Aerobics

This one is a classic, but still a favorite. Step classes are great for burning fat, strengthening your lower body and even making new friends. Many gyms still offer step and other classes free for members, so get involved today.

The Bottom Line

The important thing is that you just get out there and be active. Try a variety of different fitness classes and find one that works for you. The benefits of an active lifestyle are tremendous, and staying healthy can add valuable years to your life. So get out there today and have fun staying in shape!

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