How a Bed Can Improve Your Health

July 22, 2012

This is a guest post by Timothy Taylor.

Imagine this. You know that working out is good for your health, and since you’d like to be a healthy person, you decide to take up running. But you only run in dress shoes. Imagine this as well. You like to play baseball for exercise. It’s fun. You play with your pals. Everyone has a laugh, and the exercise helps you. But you refuse to bat with anything but a yardstick.

It wouldn’t happen. And nobody would run in dress shoes. If you’re going to participate in a healthy activity, you want to use the best equipment you can so that you get the greatest benefit. Nobody undervalues the importance of quality equipment to use when playing sports and working out. It’s commonplace for athletes to purchase the latest and greatest products to help their performance. Good equipment = good performance. Good performance = good health.

memory Foam Bed

We all know that sleep is a vital part of our health. Without it, we die. But so many of us don’t invest in products that help us get the best sleep possible. Instead, we sleep on beds that are old, uncomfortable, broken, or unsafe. We use pillows that we’ve had for who knows how long. And when we do need a new bed or pillow, we head out and get the cheapest one we can. It’s tragic, but we don’t put enough emphasis on sleep in our lives. But consider this, you spend one-third of your life sleeping. Shouldn’t you be doing all you can to ensure that part of your life is as healthy as the other two-thirds?

You might be surprised to think that your bed could have an effect on your general wellbeing. But it does. If you’re not getting adequate sleep at night, or you’re looking for a way to get the best sleep possible, remember that your mattress is just as important, if not more important, than your environment and routine. Today’s mattresses employ a host of technologies to help combat common complaints of restless sleepers, and no mattresses do this better than memory foam mattresses. They limit motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other and they reduce pressure points that can cause tossing and turning. While your restless movements may not fully wake you, they will prevent you from getting the deep sleep you need to be your healthiest.

If you’re a warm sleeper, then look for a gel infused memory foam mattress. The addition of gel creates a cooler sleep experience. Memory foam mattresses are also anti-dust mite and anti-microbial, which further enhances their health benefit potential. Traditional innerspring mattresses can build up dust mites and allergens that can negatively impact your health. If you’re somebody who has difficulty breathing or has bad allergies, consider the role your bed plays in your overall wellness. Sleeping on a surface that is anti-dust mite and anti-microbial can greatly improve your breathing during the night, allowing you to get the sleep you need to be the healthiest version of you.

Without deep, restorative sleep, your body cannot undergo the physiological changes it needs in order to repair tissue and facilitate new cell growth. But you can’t get that kind of sleep when you don’t have the right equipment. What does your bed look like? Would you show up to the gym with that bed? Evaluate the role sleep plays in your life, and adjust your bedroom and furniture to ensure you get the best sleep you can get. When you commit yourself to getting good sleep, you’ll notice an overall improvement to your quality of life.

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