How to Build Muscle Mass

May 27, 2012

This is a guest post by Payton Price.

Getting healthy and staying that way is something that many people strive for. The best way to do that is to eat right and get plenty of exercise. Although losing a few pounds is a priority for some people, others would like to add weight for a variety of reasons. If you fit in this category, you most likely want to make sure the additional weight comes in the form of muscle, not fat. Following are a few tips on how to build muscle mass.

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Use Common Sense

There are various ways to increase your muscle mass quickly, but some of them aren’t very safe. In order to build your muscle mass quickly and safely, you’ll need to use a little common sense. Do not use products that can prove to be detrimental to your overall health.

Lift Weights

The simplest way to build muscle mass is to lift weights. In fact, it is the single best way to increase muscle mass and strength. The act of lifting weights, especially if you do it regularly and correctly, will increase your muscle mass exponentially. Going to a gym to lift weights along with other people will help you learn how to do it the right way. Your muscles will get larger and you’ll become stronger by increasing the amount of weight you lift and by doing repetitions of each lift. This combination of lifting more weight, and doing it repetitiously, will increase muscle mass quickly.

No Pain, No Gain

There is an old saying among weight lifters and athletes in general: no pain, no gain. What that means is that if your muscles aren’t protesting after a workout, you’re not working hard enough. Although you don’t want to do any damage to your muscles by making them strain too hard, you want to make sure you’re making them work. That’s the only way to actually increase your muscle mass. If you overdo it, you could pull a muscle, or worse yet, tear it. If you damage your muscle, it could take a long time to heal, and you could end up having to start your exercise regimen all over again.

Ever Increasing Weight

In order to boost your muscle mass by lifting weights, you’ll need to employ the no pain, no gain rule by increasing the amount of weight you lift on a regular basis. This will cause the muscles to grow larger and stronger. As you add more weight to your workouts, you’ll realize a tremendous increase in strength. It’s a repetitive process.

Repetitions Count

Along with adding more weight to your lifting routine, you should be sure and continue doing each exercise over and over again. This is referred to as doing reps, or repetitions. Each round of repetitions is called a set. You’ll want to do a number of different sets that work on various parts of your body, especially the large muscles. If you don’t belong to a gym, you may want to talk to some of your friends who already lift weights to find out which exercises will work best for you. If you do belong to a gym, consult with the people who work there. Ask them to help you work out a lifting routine that will help you reach your desired goals.

Eat Healthy

If you combine your regular weight lifting sessions with a healthy diet, your physical condition will improve immensely. Eating right is conducive to helping build muscle mass because your body will use the fuel you’re supplying it with more efficiently. If you lift weights but fail to eat the right foods, you could end up gaining a lot of weight, but not all of it will be muscle.

Consume Foods that Build Muscle

You will want to avoid processed foods as much as possible. They contain a lot of excess calories that may add weight, but won’t help build up your muscles. Instead, you should eat red meat, eggs, poultry, fish, and other natural foods that contain a lot of protein. You’ll also want to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. You don’t need to cut out fats altogether, but you’ll want to eat foods that have the right kind of fats, such as nuts, olive oil, fish oil, (unprocessed) butter, or flax seeds.

Follow these tips and add some dedication and you’ll have that muscle mass in no time.

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