7 Summer Activities to Help You Lose Weight

May 27, 2012

This is a guest post by Tracy Sheldon.

As summer approaches, you’re probably anticipating the chance to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. After being cooped up all winter, the sunshine will provide a welcome relief. It is a time to relax and soak up the rays. Summertime also affords the perfect opportunity to shed some of that extra weight you may have picked up laying around doing nothing. Following are a few summer activities you can engage in that may help you lose weight.

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Swimming Builds Stamina

Although it may not seem like it, swimming is one of the best ways to tweak your muscles and lose weight. While you’re in the water, you may not be aware of sweating like you would be if you were on dry land, but you’ll be burning calories at a rapid rate. Most champion swimmers have very little body fat, which is a testament to this form of exercise.

Peddle Your Way to a Better You

Riding a bicycle is a great way to take off the pounds. It is a highly efficient way to move your body from one point to another-the energy used to move you any particular distance is far less than it would be if you were walking or running, yet it is a great way to burn calories.

Nothing Beats Jogging

One of the most popular ways to lose weight, improve stamina, and build up your lung capacity is to go jogging. If you’re not used to jogging, you’ll want to start slow and rest when you get tired. A slow, steady pace will enable you to increase the distance you travel, and your speed. As you are able to go further and faster, the pounds will come off more quickly and you’ll be able to put on more miles and burn even more calories.

Go for a Hike

Some of the more vigorous activities will surely burn calories quickly, but they may also tear down muscle tissue if you’re not careful. A good way to build up muscle tissue and stamina without a tremendous amount of strain is to go for a hike. In fact, hiking is a great way to lose weight because, once you build up to it, you’ll be able to walk all day without needing a great deal of rest-and the pounds will come off.

Roll the Pounds Off with Rollerblades

Moving your body along on wheels is a good way to lose weight because you’re using muscles and building stamina, all while burning off those unwanted pounds. Rollerblading, also called inline skating, is a good way to do that. Try and develop a fluid movement of your muscles and the pounds will melt away. Be sure and wear the proper safety gear.

Softball and Baseball are Fun

Baseball is a favorite pastime. Its cousin, softball, is popular as well because the ball is easier to see and much more hittable. Although some people prefer to join a league in order to participate in a baseball or softball game, one of the best things about the sport is that you don’t really need any type of organization to enjoy the game. All you need are a few friends, a bat, a baseball or softball, fielding gloves, and an open place to play. Most towns and cities have community parks with ball diamonds that are open to the public. Playing baseball or softball uses a variety of muscles, builds stamina, and will help you lose weight in the process.

Play Some Tennis

Another sport that will help you lose those unwanted pounds is tennis. It is an activity that will shed calories quickly, because you’ll be using a variety of muscles-there is a lot of stop and go involved in tennis. Due to the fact that there are periods of relative inactivity, followed by bursts of tremendous physical exertion, you could easily pull a muscle if you’re not in good shape. If you approach the sport slowly, you can build up your muscles, coordination, and stamina-and lose weight.

Safety First

The number and variety of things you can do to lose weight are nearly endless, but it may be a good idea to see a doctor before you begin vigorous physical activity, just to be sure you’re in good enough shape to exert yourself.

Good luck and have fun on your weight loss journey!

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