Shooting Off the Calories with Tagging

March 17, 2012

This is a guest post by Penny Cooper.

Laser tag is a military-style game where your aim is to shoot off your opponents. The more points you or your team accumulates, greater the chances of you winning. The guns used are a replica of military weapons the only difference being, they emit infra-red beams instead of bullets.

The laser tag work out

Laser tagging entails quite a deal of physical activity. It is great in terms of a cardio workout and also stimulates circulation and the burning of calories. This game demands certain degree of strategic planning to gain an upper hand over your opponent. This makes it a great mental work out too. Outdoor laser tagging additionally gives you a reason to be outdoors and take in some fresh air and there is no stress while shooting your opponent, because the beam does not injure anyone.

The running and dodging activity is a great stimulant and helps loosen up those muscles which may have stiffened over long hours of sitting. The pace of the game can be varied according to the terrain. Indoor games are usually faster paced, while outdoor games can get quite adventurous with the setting up of snipers and arenas meant for ambush. Themes are varied; some may resemble an urban warzone while other may be modeled on a tropical forest with dense foliage. Laser tagging is extremely safe and can be played by a wide range of people from young to old.

It is a great team building sport and many organizations use it to help better employee relationships as well as fitness. Outdoor games force members to strategize and work together in a team while indoor games present an entire different set of hurdles and challenges.

Additional benefits

Laser tagging can tire you. All the running around is a great way to stimulate a good appetite. Instead of curbing that hunger with junk food, eat healthy. Vitamin C rich foods great anti-oxidants, fruits and vegetables can make healthy snacks and they can be quite tasty too. A simple salad and fruit juice is a great way to satisfy your cravings after an exciting game of laser tagging. Be sure to drink adequate amounts of water and consume protein rich foods. Water not only flushes out toxins, but also improves your metabolism.

Laser tagging is a safe and interesting game that can be played by anyone who holds a fascinating for something mentally and physically stimulating. The group size can also be varied and with greatly affect how demanding your game is. It can be engaged in anytime and laser tagging centers are fully equipped, eliminating the need for you to invest in sports equipment.

A new source of fitness

With the rising popularity of this sport among people of all ages, it is being increasingly seen in fitness centers and spas. The motivation fueled by this sport is also known to be a great stress reliever. Laser tagging your way through the gym is sure to keep your body in good form aside for probably knocking off a few calories as long as it is coupled with a healthy diet.

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