Five Weight Loss Methods that might do more harm than good

March 17, 2012

This is a guest post by Natasha.

Weight loss is not an option anymore, it’s a compulsion, and an obsession for the millions of people worldwide who are ready to go through any torture to get that perfect tummy, that gorgeous flat stomach and the so called perfect abs. These obsessions are further strengthened by the images of those divas portrayed by the media. Add to that the companies that banks on this insatiable obsession of people and keep bringing about solutions and methods that does more harm than good. From liposuction to crash diets, people are stopping at nothing to get a flat figure. Here are five harmful weight loss methods, which are absolutely not recommended to commoners.

Weight Loss

1). Liposuction – Easy Way Out?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure of removing fats from the body via the “suction” procedure. Suction tubes, known as cannula are inserted into various parts of the body and the fat is gradually sucked out. Common areas for fat suctions are neck, chin, arms, buttocks, things and mainly the abdomen. Liposuction is beneficial only for people who suffer from fatty tumors, gynecomastia (fatty breast tissues in men) or Lipodystrophy syndrome (fat metabolism disturbance).

It should be noted that liposuction is not primarily a weight loss solution. It is only a surgical procedure to remove fats and to change body contour. A risky process, it can cause infection, scaring, numbness and even dents of lose hanging skin after the operation. It is also compulsory for the person to maintain a healthy life style otherwise fat cells may grow bigger. People who are not medically obese are advised not to opt for liposuction and should instead focus on working out and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

2). Crash Diets – The Starving Stigma

An extremely popular and yet an equally harmful way of losing weight is to starve or to go on a crash diet. Teenagers, women and even men find this an easy way to shed off some pounds. Starving for 3 to 4 days and surviving only on water or vegetables is not going to help you. Your energy level will go through a drastic drop and this will affect your work, study, daily routine, moods, internal health, as well as your life!

Crash diets will only give you a “weaker” look, instead of a healthy slim look. You will have dark circles under your eyes, low blood pressure, and even difficulty in breathing. Instead of putting yourself through this torture, just eat fewer proportions, avoid fatty and oily foods and eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables along with brown bread and grilled chicken throughout the week. This will also be easy to maintain and you can always swap from chicken to fish and beef anytime of the week.

3). Diet Pills – Torture for Your Body

Diet pills might work, but they often work by killing your body’s healthy functions every now and then. Containing harsh chemicals and pharmaceutical ingredients, they are not the healthy answer to weight loss dilemmas. Thousands of people have reported to be effected by the drastic effects of diet pills, including increased defecation, digestive disruptions, constipation disorders, bowel movement disorders, rectal pain and many other gastrointestinal issues. Would you put up with so many dangerous ailments just to lose a few pounds of fats, which you could easily do with daily workouts? Think before you buy some of those new pills in the market, be they herbal or pharmaceutical, they rarely help and sometimes do more harm than good.

4). Laxatives – Killing Your Digestive System

Laxatives are used by people with bowel movement disorders. Taken under medical supervision, they should not be used by healthy people who just want to lose weight. You cannot lose pounds by emptying your body of food particles, especially when you are already consuming very minimal food. This is a dangerous method and is also quite irrational. Unless you are suffering from a bowel problem, laxatives taken for weight loss will only lead to fluid loss, also known as water retention. You can even suffer from cardiac arrest.

5). Compulsive Exercise – Burning Calories or Breaking Your Body?

Just because exercise is good, doesn’t mean you get on to compulsive, obsessive exercising. Forcing your body to go on a rigorous exercise regime without proper intake of calories is going to get you on a hospital bed very soon. There are people who do cardio exercises up to two to three hours a day, without understanding the unnecessary stress they are putting on their bodies.

The ideal exercise routine should be something like half an hour on daily basis. Even then you have to do a variety of exercises instead of sticking to just one exercise form. Compulsive exercise will make your body lose vital energy and it will forever be in a frantic pace to cover up for the massive amount of energy loss. Not only will this overwork the organs but will cause cardiac arrest, kidney failure and even asthma.


Losing weight is not that difficult a task. You just need to have a moderate plan with ample time allocated to working out, eating balanced and well cooked meals, and staying active. Never rely on one of those “quick weight loss promises” as they are effective only for the first two weeks, after which you will go through a year of physical pains and illness.

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