Top 10 Exercises to Strengthen your Hips

February 26, 2012 · 1 comment

This is a guest post by Edith Gordon.

Do you have weak Hips? Do you always feel pain at your bottoms? Worry no more. Strengthen your hips by following these ten powerful exercises.

1. Power Squat

The squat is an excellent exercise if you want to strengthen the lower abdominal part of your body.

It is also one of the best exercises for the butt, thighs and legs.

To do the power squat:

Stand with your arms straight at your sides, feet slightly apart. Bend your knees in a squatting position, and place your hands in front of you for balance.

Hold it for 10 seconds. Make 10 repetitions.

2. Lunge with Dumbbells

Lunge is a weight training exercise for your lower body and is usually done with dumbbells.

To do the lunge:

Stand straight and place the dumbbells at the side of the body.

Stand on your feet. Take a step forward with one foot.

Bend the knee of your right leg until your thigh is parallel with the ground as you also bend the left leg backwards so that the knee comes down towards the ground. The back leg should be balanced on the toes. Slowly press through your right heel, and contract that thigh as you rise. This pace challenges the leg to balance you for a longer time. Repeat on that leg for a minute, and then switch sides.

3. Power Step UP

This move elevates your heart rate and targets your entire bottom.

To do the step up:

Stand in front of a chair with the seat facing you. Contract your abs and place the right foot on the center of the chair your leg forming a right angle.

Press through your right heel, keeping your butt and right thigh tight, and slowly straighten your right leg as you raise your left leg and tap the chair with your left foot.

Step down and repeat. Switch sides.

4. Standing Hip Extension

This exercise promotes stability and strength to the butt and other hip muscles. It doesn’t give stress on the spine as any other exercise.

How to do standing hip extension:

Stand on a chair or counter for support. Keep your abs tight.

Raise one leg backward, keeping your knee straight until your foot is 3 to 4 inches above the ground.

Hold it for a few seconds and lower it slowly.

Repeat several times. Switch sides.

5. Hamstring stretch

Hamstring stretch does not act on the hip flexor muscles however stretching here plays an important role in developing flexibility in the hip flexors.

How to do the hamstring stretch:

Lie on with your back against the ground. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat. Grasp your leg one at a time just above the knee and hold the leg forming a right angle with the body.

Hold the leg out at arm’s length and slowly straighten the knee. Hold the leg straight and remain in that position for ten seconds.

6. Climbing

Climbing is one of the best cardiovascular exercises. It is also one of the most inexpensive sports available today. It doesn’t need special equipment other than a good pair of shoes and comfy clothes. It is a simple way of exercise that people of all ages can choose to enjoy and participate.

7. Cycling

Cycling is a great workout for the whole body, especially the lower body. It is also one of the best cardiovascular exercises. It develops muscle tone on their legs, back end and hips while trimming the waists.

How to do cycling:

Get on that bike and enjoy spinning with your legs.

8. Jogging

The health benefits of jogging are that it increases energy level and improves endurance. Jogging also stimulates an increase in mineral bone density. The benefit of jogging is that you will have stronger bones that are less likely to bend, fracture or break.

9. Straight-Leg Kicks

This move is all about balance. Remember to keep your back straight. Leaning forward too much shifts your weight off your leg and you won’t get the maximum benefit in your butt and thighs.

How to do straight-leg kicks:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms extended straight out to the sides.

Bend your right leg so it’s supporting your weight, and make sure not to extend your right knee past your foot. Kick your left leg straight out in front of you, keeping your foot flexed, and try to touch your foot with your right hand. Switch sides and repeat.

10. Strolling

Strolling is one example of a low-impact exercise that helps strengthen the hips. It is the safest and the simplest form of exercise that has so many benefits. It is certainly the best and most inexpensive exercise in the planet.

Follow these ten powerful exercises to better and stronger Hips.

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Edith Gordon February 26, 2012 at 11:43 am

Thanks a lot, John. Looking forward writing more health and fitness related articles for your amazing site. Cheers. (:

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