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November 27, 2011 · 1 comment

This is a guest post by Jonathan Jenkins.

If you have ever dieted then you will surely have suffered at one time or another with hunger urges. These urges are quite common and have led many people to quit their diets.

When these hunger urges appear it is easy to forget all about your diet and binge, however this is not good for you. It is important that you find a way to fight off these hunger urges.

Keep reading and you will find a few tips that can help you to overcome your hunger and help you to finally reach your goal weight.

Try to reduce the amount of carbs you consume

The first tip that can help to reduce your hunger is to eat fewer carbs than you do currently.

This does not mean cutting them out completely, just use a little moderation.

Out of all the different food groups, carbs are the ones that make you feel hungry the most.

If you can keep the consumption of carbs to a minimum and by adding some protein to your diet you will be able to last a longer time between meals and ensure that those hunger urges don’t ruin your diet.

Eat smaller meals but more often

The next tip to help control your hunger is to eat smaller meals at regular times through the day. Rather than eating 2-3 large meals, you should instead split them into 6 smaller meals.

Doing this has been shown to boost your metabolism, and will ensure your blood sugar levels do not drop.

Try eating every 3-4 hours as this can help to significantly reduce your appetite.

Eat more soup

When you go out for a meal instead of eating a large main course you should have some soup as a starter and then a smaller main course.

By eating a starter you will not feel as inclined to eat a large main course so you will be taking in fewer calories in total.

Start drinking Green Tea

Drinking 1-2 cups of Green Tea every day has been shown to be able to reduce your appetite. Also there are many other health benefits including the ability to lower your bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, while increasing your good cholesterol (HDL) levels.

It has been shown that Green Tea can reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes

These health benefits occur due to the large number of powerful antioxidants including epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that are found within Green Tea.

Another bonus of Green Tea is that it can help to increase your metabolism so you will also be burning more calories than you would normally.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep

The last tip that can help fight off hunger is to make sure you get enough sleep.

Sleep is important when you are dieting as you will find that if you have a bad nights sleep you are often more hungry the next day.

This hunger is due to your body craving the energy it gets from food, as it is fatigued.

If you can follow these tips you will be able to reduce your hunger and finally get your diet under control.

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Coach Calorie November 27, 2011 at 4:32 pm

Good post. I would also add to be sure you’re drinking enough water. Thirst can easily be mistaken for hunger.

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