7 Workout Ideas for Couples

November 27, 2011 · 3 comments

This is a guest post by Jaime Castle.

If you’re looking for some ideas that will bring you and your significant other closer, why not try working out together? Hectic work schedules, kids, and many other of life’s obligations can make it difficult for couples to spend time together-and tossing in separate workouts several times a week is just one more thing that prevents them from enjoying some quality time with each other. Here are 7 workout ideas for couples that will exercise their hearts in more ways than one.

Play a Sport Together

If you and your partner like to play sports, sign up to play on a local league or team. Check with health clubs and fitness organizations in your area to find out if there are any recreational leagues you can join. Volleyball, basketball, and softball are just a few of the sports that couples can have fun playing together.

Sign Up for a Class

Signing up for a class is another great way to stay active together. Some ideas include dancing, yoga, Pilates, or martial arts. Couples will learn something new while getting in shape together.

Take Advantage of the Great Outdoors

There are plenty of activities for couples to do in the great outdoors-and best of all, most of them are free. Biking, canoeing, hiking, and swimming are some excellent ways to get some exercise and fresh air together. If you live in the city or don’t have easy access to these kinds of outdoor activities, try incorporating them into a romantic weekend camping trip.

Train for an Athletic Event

Marathons, triathlons, and bike races are more fun to train for if you have company, so pick one, set a goal, and do it together. In order to prepare for the big event you can set up a training schedule that will work for the both of you-and don’t forget to encourage and support each other along the way.

Join a Gym

A really convenient way to work out as a couple is to join a gym or fitness club. You can head there together before work or meet there after-and chances are if you pay the money for memberships you’ll be more inclined to make the effort to get there and actually exercise. Don’t forget to ask about discounts for couples or families-many gyms and clubs offer them and they’re usually cheaper than individual memberships.

Play in the Snow

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to be stuck indoors. Don’t let the snow slow you down-get out there and play in it. Skiing, snowboarding, skating, and snow-shoeing are fun activities that will get the blood moving in the winter, and they’re even more exciting to do with someone you love. If those ideas don’t appeal to you, try sledding together. You’ll get a great workout trudging to the top of the hill after each run, and you can take turns carrying the sled!

Go for a Walk

One of the best ways to work out together as a couple is to simply go for a nice, long walk. Whether you’ve both had long days at work or you just want to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, a walk is the perfect way to share some much needed-time with each other-and you can hold hands while you do it.

As you can see, there are many benefits to working out with your other half. Look good, feel great, and have more time to share with the one that you love.

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Coach Calorie November 28, 2011 at 10:27 am

I can tell you that fitness has been an important part of my marriage when it comes to bonding with each other. We weren’t both into fitness when we first met, but now that we are, we find it has greatly expanded our options for activities and conversation. I highly recommend fitness as a couple.

Amy December 2, 2011 at 3:34 pm

Great idea! Im trying to get my husband to do a 5k with me on New Years Eve. It’s a beer run, I figured if the run didn’t lure him in the beer would. He asked “is the beer free?” Hah! Typical. :)

Alexandra Cannon December 9, 2011 at 11:26 pm

These are great! My boyfriend is an ex-Army, current-Navy man, so I’ve been able to drag him to the gym as my “personal trainer.” He’s the one person who doesn’t care if I sound like an elephant with asthma at the end of a mile. The undying love and affection of your significant other are great motivators and they boost confidence too :]

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