Getting Healthy – Make It A Routine

October 9, 2011

This is a guest post by RJ Thomas.

So you have been trying to get healthy, and when you first begun the first few days usually go amazingly well, then one day you decide to take a day off, and one day then turns into 6 months before you go through the same cycle again.

If this sounds like you the don’t worry because you are not alone, this is what happens to 90% of people. Getting healthy is not easy, because if it was nobody would need to achieve it in the first place.


The first thing you need to do before anything is commit to getting healthy 110%, anything less and you will not make it, and the reason I say 110% instead of 100% is because it is that extra 10% that will push you through the difficult times.

Make It A Daily Routine

If you make it a routine that is achievable you are much more likely to succeed, what I mean by making it a routine is commit say 20 press ups before you wash each morning, commit to drinking a green juice or smoothy as your first meal each day, and do this everyday until it becomes automatic, then add another 1 or 2 things into the routine. Keep repeating the process until eventually you are taking all the steps necessary to achieve your goals, and it will not seem like such hard work because it will almost seem automatic for your body.

Missed A Day

If you do have a day were you do not follow the routine, that is fine because as long as you quickly get back into it, you will have lost no benefits at all. However if you allow days to turn into weeks then you really need to get back on track or risk losing any benefits you have gained.

Achieving Goals

Once you start to see results and begin to tick off goals you wanted to achieve, things will become much more easier. Just remember persistence will eventually pay off.

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