Metal Colloids May Be Beneficial in Your Journey

September 11, 2011 · 1 comment

This is a guest post by Nan Gibbons.

Adding dietary supplements to one’s daily routine can be helpful in improving health, energy, and aiding the body in its daily functions. To this end, some have turned to colloidal silver, an alternative health measure that can help cleanse the body of toxins. Widely used until antibiotics rose to prominence early in the 20th century, colloidal silver’s popularity has resurged in recent years. Here are some of its uses and benefits.

When applied to the skin (topical use), colloidal silver’s antibiotic properties can help heal skin damage like cuts, abrasions or burns. Skin conditions like acne and eczema can also see improvement through colloidal silver use. The supplement may ease the discomfort that comes from exposure to poison ivy and similar rashes, which throw the body’s immune system into overdrive. Colloidal silver has been known to speed up the body’s healing process and boost immune system functions, reducing the future chance of illness.

Colloidal silver can be taken orally, which can help aid digestion and allow the body process food more thoroughly. The dietary supplement kills bad bacteria as food is digested, leaving less waste for the body to eliminate. Some use colloidal silver as part of a cleanse, which can help people who are transitioning from a poor diet to a healthier lifestyle. Colloidal silver has been used during colonic irrigation, a process that should be performed by a health professional.

The process of detoxifying the body can result in what is known as a healing crisis – a short period of time where the body is simply overwhelmed by toxins that are being eliminated. This has been described as feeling like one has the flu. Increased water intake can make these symptoms more bearable. Issues that persist should be addressed with one’s doctor.

Using colloidal gold, a dietary supplement similar to colloidal silver, can be useful to the body’s nervous system. Colloidal gold can improve the blood’s circulation, which has been known to increase brain function, relieve stress, lessen anxiety and depression, and sharpen motor skills and mental functions.

With its many uses, the applications of colloidal silver can benefit a variety of people. Whether used topically or ingested, persons who employ metal colloids can find their way to better health and improved body function. As with any health venture, it is wise to research the best options for metal colloid use and speak with a medical professional should any questions arise.

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Diane@ NYC Personal Trainer September 23, 2011 at 11:03 am

Supplements are AWESOME! I discovered last week by taking Digestive Enzymes it totally wiped away my sugar and junk cravings. I’m kind of blown away by this.

After discovering that taking colloidal silver and cranberry pills were just as effective as antibiotics for bladder infections I started doing that. But I truly believe the antibiotics messed up my digestive system and now I have to get back to balance.

I think probiotics and digestive enzymes will help me. I’m also taking CLA, a liquid multivitamin made from raw fruits and veggies, and trans-resveratrol.

We will see what happens in a couple of weeks…

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