P90X2 Continues The Fitness Revolution Started By P90X

August 8, 2011 · 1 comment

This is a guest post by Paul Atkins.

The years was 2002, that era saw the peak of the stock market only to begin a long and steady downward spiral, Y2K had come and gone with the world not blowing up, and the internet still in its infancy could be summed up with the AOL phrase “You Got Mail”. In that same year, a fairly unrecognized fitness trainer named Tony Horton and his backers had been celebrating several years of success with their in home workout called Power 90 Boot Camp.

With all of the success of Power 90, Tony craved challenging himself further with the idea of bringing to market an entirely new concept of eXtreme training and muscle confusion. He noticed there was a real gap in programs available to people who already had some level of fitness. P90X was the end result that hit the fitness world some 2 years later in early 2004.

The name P90X sometimes referred to as PX90 actually is an acronym taken from a previous program, a specific number of days involved, and the intensity level of the program. The P stands for Power, taken from Power 90 (Tony’s original workout), 90 would be for the number of days the program is intended for, while X is for its eXtreme intensity level. Tony Horton met his own challenge with P90X, but would anyone actually buy such an intense home workout program?

After 7 years of intense infomercial advertising as well as an almost viral word of mouth spreading, P90X went from being a questionable concept, to the self proclaimed best selling in home DVD workout of all time. It’s no accident this program has done so well. The results of tens of thousands of people posting before and after pictures and YouTube videos of their success speak volumes about its legitimacy.

A fitness program of this caliber is not immune to that fact that it cannot last forever though. Even the most zealous Horton fans over the years have outgrown their beloved program. The fact remains the same that a DVD can only be played so many times before boredom and “flavor fatigue” set in. Because this was an inevitable situation, Tony and his cohorts decided to bring to market the next phase in the P90X saga - P90X2.

This new program is being described not as a refinement of P90X, but rather a completely new, built from the ground up sequel designed for P90X grads. P90X2 is going to be made up of 14 new DVD workouts that will stick close to the muscle confusion mantra and 90 day protocol of its predecessor. The program is said to deliver such an efficient set of exercises per session that the need for a 6 day a week workout regimen will now be reduced to just 5 days.

Time will tell if P90X2 continues the legacy of Tony Horton and his original eXtreme muscle confusion workout created 7 years ago. With the release of P90X2 still several months away (fall of 2011), there’s plenty of time to try the original program and prep yourself for the mother of all sequels.

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John's Weight Loss Blog August 8, 2011 at 9:39 pm

Paul is working on getting me a copy of 90X to review; like many of you I’ve certainly heard of this immensely popular program but I don’t really know anything about it, other than I think it will kick my ass. Still, I plan to try it and share my thoughts.

Have you tried P90X? Will you try P90X2?

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