Farmers Market Salad

August 8, 2011 · 2 comments

Having scored a bounty of fresh produce at the local Sunday Farmers Market I decided to take a stab at putting some of the vegetables together in an attempt at a bit of a salad, roast vegetable combo.


The result was tasty and healthy, but certainly more work than I would want out of a simple salad. Still, it made for a nice lunch.

Normally when I roast vegetables I use olive oil, today I used spray-on Pam, and not very much. While healthy, it certainly wasn’t as satisfactory as a liberal dose of olive oil. I roasted 2 small red beets, 1 medium golden beet and a half dozen fingerling potatoes. I ended up getting impatient and not roasting them long enough - when roasted properly the skin should be easy to remove and the skin on these beets chose to stay on. Forunetly I had washed them well so I didn’t really notice. I did notice that they were a little crisper than I would like, however.

The fingerling potatoes were really good done this way - originally I was going to boil those potatoes but I think now that I will be roasting the rest. I’ll be cooking dinner tomorrow and plan to roast them and dress with a little oil, salt, garlic and maybe some chives to make a nice side dish.

For the star of this salad I sliced up some of the grape tomatoes, added some salt, a chiffonade of basil and dressed with just a little balsamic vinegar. Very simple, probably too simple for most, but for me it was what I was looking for.

A simple way to enjoy some of the produce from my farmers market journey.

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KT August 12, 2011 at 10:08 am

Yeah John, I’d agree with the PAM vs. Olive oil…I would much rather use the olive oil…one reason I found (and maybe because I didn’t use enough?) was that the potatoes kept getting stuck to the pan…The salad looks great though!

Seb @Slimming Skinny August 17, 2011 at 11:53 pm

They look so crunchy and colouful, they can be a great entree, side dish or even as snacks for me. I would agree with using the olive oil too. They seem healthier to me anyway! I usually eat raw salad but you are tempting me to go roast some fresh produce. It is a great combination of eating healthily without compromising on the taste. Thanks for sharing this!

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