Hypnosis for Healthy Living

July 29, 2011

This is a guest post by Barrie St. John.

If you’re interested in healthy living but feel you need some help to really get things going, have you thought about using hypnosis as a tool? Chances are you already have a fairly good idea of what “Healthy living” means to you, but you’re struggling to integrate it into your day to day life in a sustainable way. Some aspects might be more important for your particular circumstances than others. Perhaps being fit and active is the key thing you’re looking for? Or is it more important to you to be eating for health and vitality? Is a good, deep, natural night’s sleep what you’re missing out on regularly? Or do you feel you need to reduce stress, perhaps meditate regularly or make space for quiet times in your daily routine? Or perhaps you’re aiming to incorporate all of these aspects of your life to achieve a healthy, all round balance.

Whatever your healthy living goals, hypnosis can help and support you in achieving them. Most of us know what we need to do. The problem we have is actually doing it! And in particular… establishing it as a regular, everyday part of our lives.

Hypnosis sessions for any purpose are naturally healthy in themselves; they are deeply relaxing, leading to a sense of calm and clarity, lowering our heart rate and blood pressure and normally leaving us feeling refreshed and well rested – with no medication in sight! But of course it can offer much more than this. There are hypnosis recordings available to support you with all sorts of ways to a healthier life style, such as; hypnosis for weight loss, sleeping soundly, eating well, taking up or maintaining exercise and an active lifestyle, meditation, and of course fantastically useful are sessions on general motivation.

Developing and maintaining that deep motivation to pursue your health goals even when it’s raining, or there’s something good on TV, or your friend can’t make it, or you’re simply tired… can be tough going. But hypnosis can engage you at many different levels, programming you to automatically expect to do these natural, healthy things that you know you really want to. As long as you genuinely want to develop these healthy habits, hypnosis can open up your unconscious mind, and make carefully phrased suggestions to help it become more natural and automatic to do these things than not to do them. With regular use it can help to keep you motivated once the initial flush of enthusiasm wears off. You can use it to set simple triggers to remind you why this is so important to you, and perhaps program simple anchors (unobtrusive physical gestures) you can use to flood your body and mind with energy and enthusiasm, motivation and confidence whenever you need it.

Hypnotherapy recordings are a great way to regularly top-up your motivation, calmness and clarity around this area of your life, particularly if you’re focusing on a particular aspect of healthy living. A hypnosis download recording can be used again and again, especially when you feel your motivation failing.

On the other hand, going to see a hypnotherapist in person will allow you to discuss exactly what you want to change in your life, and what might be the best way to go about it. If there are specific things you want to incorporate into your new, healthier life style, this can be included in a carefully tailored hypnosis session designed very specifically to your needs and preferences.

Either way, hypnosis can give you the help, support and motivation you need in order to adopt and maintain that natural, healthy lifestyle you’ve been trying to adopt for so long – and what’s more, it can actually help you to see the whole thing as fun rather than a chore!

So once you’ve found a healthy-lifestyle recording that suits your needs, and that you enjoy you’re only problem might be remembering to make time to listen to it regularly enough to keep that motivation and support going!

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