Rowing Machine 101

May 7, 2011

This is a guest post by Brian Williams.

Every commercial gym out there seems to have at least one, if not two or three, of these great exercise machines, and their popularity for personal home use continues to grow.

Rowing machines, also sometimes called indoor rowing machines or indoor rower, is a piece of exercise equipment that is used the same way the rower would be used on a real rowboat. Indoor rowing machines are built with different parts, designs, and mechanisms that permit the user to paddle backwards and forwards, and the seat will slide in a manner similar to the way your boat would move if it were actually in the water.

Rowing machines have been used by professional sports rowers for years in order to train for competition, often using a rowing machine as their sole way of training, not actually ever using a real boat or rower. Therefore, most indoor rowing machines are normally priced pretty heavy, as indoor rowing has become so popular and has become a very competitive sport.

Indoor rowing machines can also be used by non-professional athletes, and is becoming widely well regarded because they are so effective. They work, develop, and tone almost every muscle group, and perhaps most important, they burn a ton of calories, all while remaining a low impact piece of home exercise equipment.

There are many benefits to buying a rowing machine, but perhaps the best one is that you’ll receive a full body workout while burning calories and building muscles. It’s even possible to build several different muscles by using it in just one session. As you make each stroke, you’re exercising your back, upper and lower body, and even your abs.

Using an indoor rowing machine may actually be more effective than a rowing boat, especially where leg strengthening is considered, because your seat slides back and forth every time you make a stroke. Additionally, rowing machines are low impact because they simply aren’t hard on your body, like running can be. Your legs and arms always remain in motion when you’re using a rower, so therefore you’re able to make fluid movements while your legs remain in motion, not banging against the equipment, and meaning you’re protected and that you’re extremities are cared for.

Being in constant motion means that you’ll be losing weight as you tone muscles. In addition to burning calories, your heart will also get a good workout. In fact, many claim that using an indoor rowing machine is helpful and good for the mind as well, since the motions are rhythmic and therefore have a calming effect on people. Additionally, if you choose an indoor rower that is powered by water resistance, you’ll hear the sound of the water moving around in the tank every time you make a stroke.

Many people who have chosen to exercise with other types of home exercise equipment find that the machine they use tend to only work one area of the body and not multiple parts of the body. Therefore, using the rowing machine will let you work on every muscle group you have, and as you’re burning calories and building muscles.

Just like with any piece of home exercise equipment, you’ll have to learn the correct way to use one in your exercise regimen, and you’ll also have to learn to listen to your body so you’ll know when to move up in levels. Once you learn the right techniques, and learn how to sit comfortably on your machine without feeling cramped or pained, you’ll find it’s a breeze and find yourself looking forward to working out!

Have you ever used a rowing machine?

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