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April 19, 2011

So far we haven’t got the snow I mentioned yesterday, but I pulled the shovel down nonetheless. Hoping not to have to use it. My son is going paintballing on Saturday with some friends, hoping it warms up just a little for him. Although he did say that he will be happy for the extra padding.

So, another week, another attempt at a #7daychip from Brad Gansberg. I’ve got no excuses this week, and I have a good plan so I think I might make it this time.

Here’s what I had to eat on Tuesday:

[starrater tpl=10 size='46']

Breakfast was a cranberry-nut muffin. I had a banana as a late-morning snack.

Lunch was a bento box of a sliced chilled poached chicken breast on a bed of baby arugula, a side of poppy seed dressing, a mini-cucumber, some baby carrots, 7 wheat thins with a small chunk of cheese, and some yogurt. I had a protein bar on the ride home.

The family had walking tacos for dinner before I got home, I ended up taking a half a chicken-breast that I had butterflied for my daughter’s lunch topped with some taco meat, some Doritos, lots of lettuce (I’m embarrassed to say I bought shredded lettuce this weekend), tomatoes and salsa and called it a taco salad. Yogurt for dessert.

I just had an Odell IPA (A- on the Beer Advocate) that I forgot to snap a picture of.

Over at Fatbloggers I wrote about my new weight loss strategy - only eating 75% of what’s put in front of me. Now I have some tweaking to do to the program - for example for things I pack myself, like the Triscuits, I should just put in less to begin with. But maybe even then I should be eating only 75%. Heck, it’s been surprising how little I have noticed that I haven’t eaten everything. I probably should try 50% before too long. I know I eat too much and this is how I am trying to reduce my portions.

Here’s what I didn’t eat today:

So that’s Day Two in my never-ending quest to bag a #7daychip and get back on track.

So how do you think I did? Click a star!

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