10 Sites to Find Free Yoga Workouts

April 17, 2011 · 0 comments

This is a guest post by Bailey Harris.

Yoga is the perfect way to exercise your body, de-stress the mind, and rejuvenate the spirit. If you would like to learn and practice yoga, but don't have the time or money to attend a class or hire a private instructor, never fear! You can do yoga in the comfort of your own home without spending a penny. This article lists 10 sites where you can find free yoga workout videos and other resources to help you make yoga a priority on your quest to living a healthier lifestyle.

Yoga-Exercises.net - This site features a large collection of yoga workout tools to help you incorporate yoga as a part of your daily routine. Free registration includes yoga workout videos, relaxing music for meditation, advice from yoga instructors and experts, yoga e-books, workout plans, and audio courses on the practice of yoga.

AnmolMehta.Com - Here you will find a nice variety of free Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga videos, as well as a list of objectives that the videos aim to assist you in reaching. This site also offers advice for individuals that are new to yoga on how to practice the poses safely and effectively.

MyFreeYoga.com - Users of MyFreeYoga.com can learn how to practice 12 different types of yoga workouts from instructor Christina Landry. New HD yoga workouts are showcased weekly, and the site's Yoga Blog offers tips, advice, and information on breathing, techniques, and a multitude of health-related topics.

Yoga-for-Beginners-a-Practical-Guide.com - This is an excellent site for beginners to check out. Here you can learn about yoga, what it is, and how it can transform your life. This site offers free yoga routines that will help you achieve a variety of goals, diet suggestions to improve your health, and resources to make your yoga practice a success.

Do Yoga With Me - This site has an extensive library of online yoga videos that you can view, all of them completely free. Each video or "class" is labeled with the level of workout it contains- beginner, intermediate, or advanced- as well as the duration of the workout. While browsing the online classes, you can narrow the search by selecting the level of intensity and type of yoga you are interested in. This site also hosts videos to coach you on proper technique, meditation, and breathing. From prenatal yoga to power yoga, this comprehensive site has you covered.

Yoga Online - Not only does this site offer a free beginners yoga workout that you can download, it hosts a number of valuable resources as well. With information on the benefits of yoga for the body as a whole, postures, nutrition, meditation, Pilates, and more- individuals at all levels of practice can learn something new.

Yoga-TV.net - Here you can watch a variety of yoga workouts, at no cost and hassle-free, with a simple click of the mouse. Choose a title based on either the level or duration that best suits your needs. This site even features a video on "laughing yoga" hosted by none other than John Cleese!

Yoga Mind Control - This particular site offers several free online videos for both beginning and advanced individuals. The videos stress the importance of position and body alignment in hopes of helping you execute the poses properly. Here you can also find information on mind control, sense control, and meditation, as well as some inspiration and wisdom to help you along your own personal yoga journey.

Yoga Health and Healing - By registering for a free account here, users of this site can gain instant access to a database of yoga videos online. Yoga Health and Healing not only features videos on how to practice yoga and meditation, but also numerous articles on green living and nutrition to help you live a healthy, eco-friendly life.

Yogatic! - This site, hosted by Esther Ekhart, showcases a number of free videos on yoga and yoga poses demonstrated by many different yoga instructors. This site is very easy to navigate- just scroll down the page until you find something that catches your attention. One unique feature of this site is a handy yoga dictionary to help you understand yoga terminology.

Do you practice Yoga? What sites would you suggest?

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