Mid-Year CPAP Update

January 15, 2011

Yesterday I received my periodic re-supply of CPAP accessories which includes a new hose, facemask, filters, etc. Pretty much everything except the machine. I think I get these refreshed quarterly but I’m not 100% sure. I thought I would use this as an opportunity to do a quick update for how my use of the CPAP machine is going.

I did a one year update this summer where I wrote that I had used the machine 339/365 days for an average of 5.6 hours per night. Since that date I have logged 187/189 days (only 2 nights missed!) for an average of 5.95 hours per night.

I feel so much better when I use the CPAP machine and I’m really happy to see I have only missed a couple of nights over the last 6 months. And almost 6 hours of sleep a night - I know that doesn’t seem like enough to most of you, but trust me that is a restful 6 hours (the sheets barely move anymore) and it’s FAR FAR better (and healthier) than what I had been getting before being diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Yes, my plan is to lose weight and not need the machine. That sure would be nice. But in the meanwhile it’s really helping me feel good and so I’m a happy user.

Think you might have sleep apnea? Get yourself a sleep study now and be sure.

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