Countdown to Vegas - Week 3

December 5, 2010
Las Vegas

Diet starting weight: 304 Week starting weight: 298 Today's weight: 296 Week weight loss: 2 lbs Total weight lost: 8 lbs This is my third weekly loss in a row in my Countdown to Vegas challenge. Even better, the two pound loss keeps me on track for losing the 40 pounds I am shooting for. [...]


Rate My Meals – 2010-12-04

December 4, 2010
Saturday Meals

Woke up to see the driveway covered in nice soft, white fluffy snow. Probably about 5-6 inches of it. Cranked up the snow blower and made quick work of it. I suppose I should have shoveled it, but I felt like getting it done quickly. Did some shopping; picked up some winter gloves, some Under [...]


Weight Loss Blogger Quotes of the Week

December 4, 2010

So I thought I would pull out some quotes from other weight loss bloggers from this past week. I decided to focus on just the guys this week. Ladies, you'll get your turn next week. Click through and check them out! Today has been another great day. Interestingly enough, I am not seeing any change [...]


Rate My Meals – 2010-12-03

December 3, 2010
Friday Meals

Things didn't totally fall apart for me today but it certainly wasn't as good of a day as I would have liked. First of all, it is Friday, and I have a hard time finding anything wrong with Fridays. Except for 30 minute commutes home taking 80 because of snow. That sucked. Started off by [...]


Tired of Your Treadmill? Try These Unconventional Exercises

December 3, 2010

This is a guest post by Jillian Gile. Getting active and back into shape is one of the most popular – and healthy – ways to change up your life. Getting fit boosts your mood, energy levels, and even immune function, and with the plethora of home gym equipment and 24-hour fitness centers, it’s never [...]


Rate My Meals – 2010-12-02

December 2, 2010
Thursday Meals

I managed my fourth day in a row of doing strength training this morning, which I am very happy with. Unfortunately that streak will be ending since my son is having a friend sleep over tonight - our workout room is right across from where they will be sleeping and 5:00am workouts are just not [...]


Rate My Meals – 2010-12-01

December 1, 2010
Wednesday Meals

You may remember that yesterday I warned I was going to a conference today that promised the following: Lunch will be served from 12:00pm until 1:30pm. Immediately following the keynote, plan to attend the Cocktail Reception. The hosted reception features cocktails and alcohol-free beverages, as well as tasty hors d'ouvres! I wrote that I needed [...]


Rate My Meals – 2010-11-30

November 30, 2010
Tuesday Meals

Do you know what a sport pepper is? It's a quintessential ingredient in a Chicago Style Hot dog - a pickled Serrano pepper, I'd say they have a medium heat. I found a jar in the grocery store the other day so I started to put them to use today, you'll see them in both [...]

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Rate My Meals – 2010-11-29

November 29, 2010
Monday Meals

Well this has certainly been a bit of an up and down day. I started the day off with 30 minutes of lower body strength training, which felt great. I'm shooting for 6 days of weights this week. I had to get a blood test* at the doctor and my blood pressure came in at [...]


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